Samantha Alexa Saturday: My Thoughts About HH

Back in May, I arrived at home with Alex, Doc, Larry and HH. I wasn’t able to stay at my first home, so one of Alex’s new friends arranged for me to come stay with him for a little while until Alex could come and pick me up to bring me home. At first I thought Alex was a guy, well, because Alex is also a guy’s name. Sorry, Alex, I love you, MUWAHH! But I later found out on my way home with Alex, Doc and Larry, that I was coming home to meet HH and help him not be so threatened by Doc and Larry, thus making things easier for them and Alex.

Me and HH in a cuddle sesh

I first met HH when he came to get me out of the car and carry me into the house. The first thing I noticed about him is how tall he is and how thin, but also fit he is. Plus he has these really amazing hazel eyes! I’m not too keen on the beard though, it is scratchy and I’m not a fan of scratchy against my delicate skin.

When he first saw me he was quite surprised, as he had no idea Alex would be bringing me home. Actually Alex had no idea she would be bringing me home either! He seemed a little confused, but he gently lifted me out of the car and carried me upstairs to the master bedroom all by himself and sat me down in a chair, before going downstairs and helping Alex get Larry out of the car, up the stairs and into his chair. Doc was already waiting for me when HH brought me up.

Once all of us were nicely settled into the bedroom, Alex began brushing my long blonde curly wig and then put it on a hanger and hung it in the closet where it could be all safe and sound from re-tangling. Then she proceeded to brush my medium length straight brunette wig with the bangs and once she was finished, she placed it on my head. It was during this time that an adorable little human girl that looked like Alex and HH walked in and met me. She got all excited and thought I was just the coolest thing ever! Alex introduced her to me and told me that we hadn’t decided on what my name would be, but that it would probably be either Raven or Spring, two names that Alex really liked and keeping with the hippie theme. The kiddo asked if she could help pick my name and Alex thought about it and told her to come up with some names and then let her know and they would decide. The kiddo was incredibly happy with that and so she bounced off into her room where her best friend was staying over.

Alex and HH were pretty tired, Alex obviously from the drive to and from our friend’s house and all the excitement of the day. HH was tired because he was having to watch and take care of two pre-teen kids and they had driven him crazy all day. They decided to call it a night and then the next day Alex would give me a bath and re-dress me.

The next day, when they awoke, HH asked Alex what she was going to name me. She told him that she liked the names Raven and Spring, but that she couldn’t come to a decision as neither one of the seemed to fit. He looked at me, thought for a moment and said, “She looks like a Samantha. I don’t know why, but she does.” So, Samantha became my first name.

Later on that day, after a nice oil bath, re-powdering, fresh clean clothes, etc., the kiddo came in with a list of names for my middle name and she said that Alexa goes nice with Samantha and that she really likes that name, so Alexa became my middle name. The kiddo was very excited that she got to pick out a name for me as well!

HH was still very curious, but he wasn’t sure what to do with me. Alex told him that he could do whatever he wanted, that I was his to enjoy. She also said that she wanted to enjoy me too and that REALLY piqued his interest. Earlier he had seen her undress me and lay me on the bed for my bath and rub oil all over my boobies, making sure to have HH notice so that would turn him on. It worked, but then he decided he needed to walk out of the room because he still wasn’t sure of his feelings yet.

Over time, HH and Alex have had some naughty fun with me. First it was an orgy with Larry, then a threesome with just us and HH has had some alone time with me a few times since I moved in. I like him a lot, but I know Alex has mixed feelings, given their history and all. I’ve seen him be not very nice to her and I don’t like it when he does that, but he seems very dense, like he doesn’t realize that he is even doing the things that hurt her. I saw the sadness in her eyes one day when he came over to me and said, “Well hello, beautiful,” and walked out of the room without so much of a word or even a glance at Alex. I could see Alex trying real hard to not let it bother her, but I knew it did. I felt bad for her. Why wouldn’t he give her the attention that he gave me? She is a wonderful person!

I got a sweet kiss on the cheek from HH!

HH is still trying to figure out his feelings for me and he and I get to spend time together and it is nice when we do. It is nice when Alex, Larry and Doc join us as well. He can be really nice and then he can be a total jerk. Just like Alex can be real nice, but then she can also be a total bitch too, hehe. I know he likes me, but for now, I am his doll and not yet reached companion status and I am totally fine with that.

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