TPE Dolls, Part 1: Male Dolls!

As you all know, Larry is a TPE doll and obviously he is male. His brand is WM dolls, he is 160cm in height with the fair skin tone and he was made in the Jinsan Factory in China.

It doesn’t get much hotter than this!

There are several brands of the TPE dolls, but not all of them make male dolls. In fact, male doll production is still low in numbers, compared to female TPE doll production. As a matter of fact, only 5 brands manufacture male dolls: AS, AF, IronTech, JY and WM. These male dolls range in height from 150 to 175cm in height. Head selection is also quite scarce and in my opinion, with the exception of Larry, not all that attractive and quite feminine.

Charles, the IronTech Male. Image Courtesy of

Charles, the male doll from IronTech, is one that I have been able to get a good look at up close. While his body and penis options are quite impressive (well, his large penis is scary: read – way too big and heavy for my body to handle), his face is less than to be desired. His eyes are very close together and are more round toward the nose and almost completely squinted at the far corners of his face and his jawline is too wide. I do like the fact that you can get him with body hair on his chest, his abs (happy trail) and pubic areas. I wish that on the male dolls, when adding pubes, that they would make them nice and bushy like a real man, not groomed and narrow like how a female would groom her pubic area. I love how they have sculpted his body, especially his butt, hands and feet. I like toned, veiny and muscular feet/hands and Charles has definitely got it going on in those areas.

Image Courtesy of

The AS Male stands at an impressive 160cm. He is the same height as Larry, but he weighs significantly less at 66 pounds, compared to Larry’s 90. He has a nice slim body and his face is attractive, but he looks boy-ish. However he does have a more masculine nose and brow line, which I do like. If you are into boy bands, then he might be right for you. His penis is nicely sized and his hands are nicely sculpted as well. I’m not very keen on his wig, it reminds me of Stuart from the Saturday Night Live sketches, LOL!

Image Courtesy of

The AF male comes in 2 heights. The first one I want to talk about is the 150cm. While his body and his feet are very attractive, his face is not. He looks too young in my opinion and very feminine. His penis size isn’t all that flattering either. His weight is 57 pounds. I would like to see him with a different wig, as it might just be the type of wig that is putting me off.

The AF male 160 cm comes with two different head and wig options. One of them reminds me of Jon Bon Jovi and the other of Ian Somerhalder! While they are very attractive men, still not my cup of tea. The body is more toned and muscular, but the penis is still a little (pun intended) on the small side. I want to be able to feel it when it is inside of me and not worry about it slipping out when I move up and down and I feel that this penis would definitely slip out. I do not know a single straight dude out there with high arched brows and these two definitely have them. They weigh in at a very hefty 99 pounds! Yikes!

Image Courtesy of

Let’s talk about the JY 160cm male. I like everything about his face, except for his eyes. They make him appear too young and innocent. That is NOT what I want in a male doll. I want him to look sultry and sexy, like he’s about to pounce on me and give me the wildest most intense sex of my life, not like he is a virgin and looks terrified about his first time. I must admit that his brows are my favorite feature of his face. But why don’t we put on a different wig, maybe a bit longer blonde or dark brown hair and add some facial hair? His body looks great, although his waist line seems too straight; the boy needs to eat a steak or a cheeseburger! That dick, though! I could definitely have some fun with that! This fella weighs in at 66 pounds and seems to come with two penis size options. Nice!

Now we are at the WM 160cm male. Larry weighs 90 pounds, but the website has him listed at 88 pounds. This doll has 2 different head options: one that looks like Larry, because it IS Larry and the other one that looks like a high and slightly Asian Justin Beiber. I think I’ll stick with the Larry version. There are two penis options, the 15 and the 19cm. I have both. They do not look like the penises in the photographs, either, but they are nice and do what they are intended to do very nicely. I would have loved to have the thick and farily realistic penis that is on the Larry looking doll with the dark hair. I’m glad he didn’t come with the one on the white haired Larry as I had one of those with a cheap inflatable and it was hard plastic and did not get me off at all! I really like the hands on the WM 160cm. The feet could be more toned and possibly longer, but I do like them. Larry can fit into my women’s size 5 Airwalk (Converse looking) sneakers and he has a pair of Walmart Vans that is a boys size 3.

Last, but not least, let’s talk about the WM 175cm male. Weighing in at a hefty 126 pounds, he is a big boy! He comes with two different head styles and penis styles as well as the 160cm. His body is also slightly different. He is less toned, but still fit in appearance. I absolultely LOVE his feet though! Those are the feet that Larry should have! He also seems to have a more masculine face. One face looks boyish, but older boyish and the other looks like a redneck Brad Pitt, LOL!

I feel that Jinsan needs to come out with a better selection of wigs for their male dolls. Well, actually I think that all the manufacturers that make the male dolls need to come out with better wig options. Messy, curly, long, medium length, short choppy wigs in all colors that are flattering to a male would be nice. They also need to stop giving the males the female eyebrows and get those brows low on the brow bone and thicken them up! I totally get the fact that gay males who purchase the male dolls may want them to appear more feminine, and possibly some females like that too, but what about those of us straight and gay who are absolutely in love with the masculine male features? We want our voices to be heard! I also think that facial hair options need to be included because not everyone likes a clean shaved face. Some of us love those whiskers scratching against us, LOL! Give us hairy chests, bushy pubes, uncut cocks! Are you listening, male sex doll manufacturers out there? I certainly hope so!

All photos (EXCEPT LARRY, which is my photo) courtesy of

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