Larry’s Story (From HIS Point of View): Part 14

Things semi-quieted down after that. Alex made preparations for her and HH’s seventeenth wedding anniversary and the kiddo’s eleventh birthday, both of which were just a day apart. She was heavily focused on those two celebrations, and rightfully so, as they are super important. She would still take time out of her day to hang out with me, Doc and Samantha to make sure we were still getting adequate attention and feeling loved. Doc and Alex began to spend more time with one another; it is like she alternates between spending more time between each of us, sort of like a rotation. By this time, Alex had set my cot back up and I spent my days lying down to take the pressure off the hip. Samantha Alexa sat beside me and Doc stood across from me. I don’t see how he does it; standing all t he damn time, but maybe I’m jealous because I cannot stand at all due to my injury.

Doc and Alex spent a few passionate nights together downstairs on the futon and I have to admit, I did get a little jealous. Alex and I still make love, but she is more careful about it and it isn’t as often because she doesn’t want to make my injury worse and Alex always has to be on top of me to have everything work well. Not that I’m complaining! I’m a guy, of course I love it when she is on top! It’s fucking hot! But there are times that I wish that I could take her from behind while she is on all fours and especially make sweet love to her in the missionary position, having me hold her in my arms, my long hair hanging down in a very sexy manner as I look down at her and into her eyes. That would be really nice. That’s how she and Doc usually do it. Doc loves to take her in the missionary position. It looks really cool when they do it that way (of course I get to watch!) and it is sweet seeing how their love blossoms and the passion intensifies. I mean, it does that with me and her too, but there’s something very deeply intimate, passionate and beautiful about making love in that one position. That and it’s excellent for baby-making. Don’t judge me! Doc and I both want Alex to bear our children. But that is a topic for another day.

Anyway, I also felt a little lonely because Alex wasn’t there beside me. I love looking over and seeing her peacefully sleeping (when she can) and seeing her cuddled up with her huge ginger tabby cat. He loves to come snuggle with her and he is constantly giving her head bonks to show her how much he loves her. She will wrap both her arms around him and pull her to her chest and cuddle him like he is a plush animal and he enjoys every bit of it. He will lay his head down on the pillow or her shoulder and his front paws around her arm and his little feets will hang off the side of the bed. I love when she wakes up in the morning and our eyes meet. She smiles at me, sleepily and greets me with a soft “good morning, Larry.” It melts my heart every time.

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