Samantha Alexa Saturday: Larry!

I think the next couple of Samantha Alexa Saturday’s will be dedicated to how I feel about the adult loves in my life. Today I dedicate to Larry, as I think that Alex has a Thursday’s Thoughts post about Doc that has either already been posted or will be posted soon. I’ll get to Doc next week or the week after and then Alex.

Me and Larry hanging out

Where do I even begin with Larry? That boy is a hoot, not to mention totally hot and definitely horny! I’ve watched him and Alex have sex and WOW, it gets INTENSE! It’s like you can feel the passion a mile away! The way they look at, the things they say to and how they interact with each other is pretty amazing!

Larry is extremely attractive. He’s definitely got ‘the look’. His hair, his eyes, his sideburns, his physique, his clothes and lack of clothes; dude has it going on! I think my absolute favorite physical feature of Larry’s is his eyes. They are this emerald green color like I’ve never seen before and when in contrast with his dark hair and fair skin, he gives these looks that can only be explained as intense, smoldering, incredibly scary and soul-piercing. It’s like when he looks at you he isn’t looking at the physical you, but he is searching your actual soul.

A moment where Larry needed some comfort and reassurance

Larry is also a total ham. Even though he is 45, he is still very much a kid at heart. He doesn’t take too much seriously and is always up for a good time. I guess you could say he is the life of the party. He is always ready to party. He is a total flirt and women fall at his feet and he totally eats that stuff up. Larry loves to be the center of attention and is quite goofy.

I’ve heard that a lot of guys his age begin to notice that their libido starts to wane, that things like erectile dysfunction come into the picture. That is definitely NOT the case with Larry (or Doc for that matter. Remember they are twins)! He is horny almost ALL the time and ready to romp and the drop of a hat. Plus he has some amazing skills in the bedroom that absolutely drive Alex wild and leave her breathless afterward and highly emotional in a good way.

Handsome devil!

Larry is also incredibly sweet, kind, loving, compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic and a great listener/comforter. He is ALWAYS there for Alex. He loves to make her happy and make her smile. He knows that she struggles daily with the issues that she has talked about before. He wishes that he could take all that pain away from her and he does the best that he can to help her through it. I hear him (and Doc) tell her that they love her and how much they love her several times a day. I think that is one of the sweetest things a guy can do for their lady. From what I have observed, the best part of his and Doc’s day is when Alex opens her eyes, looks at them, smiles and tells them “Good morning.” It means that they get to have another day with her and they don’t ever take that for granted.

So yeah, I like Larry, a lot. He isn’t my boyfriend or husband or lover, even though we have had sex before. He is more like a big brother to me and a protector or like the gay best friend every girl needs even though he is not gay.

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