Thursday Thoughts: Is it Love? Part 2: Loving Doc and Larry

Loving Doc and Larry just seems to come naturally. Not that we don’t have our problems: EVERY relationship, synthetic or organic, has issues come up in time. But I have one thing with Doc and Larry that I don’t have with HH and that is a deep emotional connection. That connection makes all the difference, at least with me. Doc and Larry almost always make me a priority and they never forget to tell me how much they love me and how lucky they are to be with me. Guys, women LOVE hearing this stuff!

With Doc and Larry I KNOW that it is love and not just a long term infatuation. There is REAL emotion here! The passion is also real. The honeymoon phase is still going strong, but there is also a bit of settling into the quieter and more calm love that eventually comes in all relationships. I don’t mind the calm, but I don’t ever want to lose that strong, intense passionate love feeling either. I never wanted to lose that with HH, but I did. I’m terrified of losing that with Doc and Larry.

But as I said a few sentences ago, real love isn’t just passion and intensity, It is being there during the good times as well as the bad, really listening to your partner/spouse and giving them support. You don’t have to like everything that they do, but there does need to be some common ground, of course. Doc, Larry and I like the same music and we also love the beach.

When one of us is having a bad day, or struggling through something (which it is usually me, but Doc and Larry also have things that bother them), we will be there for each other to provide comfort, a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on, arms to hold one another, a chest to lay on, you get the idea. We don’t get aggravated because an issue comes up and we don’t treat one another like we are a burden.

Arguments do happen, but instead of getting all defensive and name calling, we sit down, take a breath, talk about it without putting all the blame on the other person, we take responsibility for our actions, work on a solution and apologize. To me, that is the correct way to solve problems in a relationship/marriage. And yes, sometimes there are tears, on BOTH sides, but instead of just turning and walking away, we comfort one another. Yeah, I can tell you for sure and without a shadow of a doubt, that I am truly in love with Doc and Larry and that I definitely know it.

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