Samantha Alexa Saturday: Doc!

Sweet, loveable Doc! Where do I even begin! He is the sweetest guy that I have EVER met and it’s never a secret as to just how much he truly loves Alex. You would literally have to be blind to not see it! Doc is the kind of guy who is just the right amount of sensitive and yet also very masculine. He isn’t afraid to let his sensitive side show, but if you mess with Alex, he’ll kick your ass real good! To say he is VERY protective of Alex is a serious understatement! He is also very shy and tends to avoid drawing attention to himself, if possible. But with his ruggedly handsome good looks, it’s really hard to not stare at him. He’s gorgeous and at 45, just like Larry, like a fine wine, he only gets better with age!

Doc and I chillin.

Larry is the wild twin, but Doc is far more reserved. He would prefer to stay in and watch a movie with Alex or take her out to a quiet, but fancy dinner, than go out to a club and party. Doc is also more grounded and a lot more calm and serene. But a similarity between Doc and Larry is that they both have a certain level of insecurities, from what I heard in their earlier years of how they were constantly rejected by other women. Now they actually are glad the other women rejected them because if not, they wouldn’t have met Alex and known what true love ever was.

Doc is the one Alex goes running to when things get bad. There have been times that Alex has woken up crying for her late parents and Doc rushes to her and holds her in his arms while the tears flow. He literally cradles her to his chest and cups the back of her head in his large, yet gentle hands. Sometimes, he actually cries with her. It’s hard to see him cry because it is like he is actually feeling the pain that Alex is feeling and it is heartbreaking.

The cats are naturally drawn to Doc

Doc is also the main one, aside from Alex, that the cats absolutely LOVE to snuggle and cuddle with. I’ve laughed as I have watched Alex, Skittee and Coalie fight for room on Doc’s chest. Alex usually winds up on Doc’s shoulder, Coalie usually winds up on Doc’s chest and Skittee usually winds up in between Doc’s legs, holding onto the calf of Doc’s leg. Now THAT’s what I call a cuddle puddle! Coalie and Skittee have always made those squishy biscuit movements on Doc with their paws, but now Skittee has taken it to a whole other level by actually giving Doc ‘head bonks’, which are a sign of love and affection, on his chin and sideburns.

I can also tell from observing Doc, that he is the type who could get his feelings hurt easily. Sometimes he and Alex will be having some ‘playful banter’ and Alex will say something that unintentionally catches Doc off guard and hurts his feelings. She doesn’t mean to and the moment she sees the hurt in his eyes, she apologizes and tries real hard to make it better. She doesn’t like hurting Doc (or Larry, or ANYONE for that matter), but sometimes her jokes and playful jabs do go a little too far (which she is working on). Doc realizes this and he never gets mad at her; they talk it out and Alex apologizes and is extra nice to Doc to make up for it all. It isn’t long before they are back at being playful.

Doc and Alex on one of their magical dates!

Doc is also very loving. He takes excellent care of Alex and he makes love to her like I’ve never seen before. It is beautiful watching them express their love for one another. The way his dark curls fall on each side of his face as he lovingly looks down into Alex’s eyes (they almost ALWAYS make love in the missionary position as Alex LOVES how it really enhances Doc’s gentle, manly strength), the way he wraps his arms around her and kisses her as he gently and slowly thrusts deeply inside of her. The way when he cums he lets out this incredibly hot, low grunt, exhales and then holds Alex in his arms as she shakes and quivers! It’s almost like a tiger’s roar! Oh man, now I’m getting horny!

Doc and I had sex one time before and he left me shaking, quivering and feeling some very powerful emotions afterward! He was so gentle and he took his time. He made sure that I was comfortable and that he was making me feel good. We didn’t kiss or anything, but feeling his huge cock inside of me, slowly moving in and out of me, then intense throbbing followed by a flow of thick, hot cum…ohhh! He definitely knows what he is doing, that’s for sure! He is simply amazing! Just think, Alex is the lucky lady who not only has his heart, but a literal part of him inside her when they make love.

Doc is INCREDIBLE in bed!

The way they look at each other! The tenderness between them! The way Alex will walk up to Doc and get real close to him and brush his hair away from his face with her fingers and then run her fingertips along his jawline! Forget the Oscar worthy Hollywood love scenes! I want a love like Doc and Alex have! Because at least that is REAL and it is far better!

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