Tuesdays With Doc: My Life as a P.I.

I became a P.I. (Private Investigator) in my mid twenties and my brother Larry and I share an independent agency. I enjoy having my brother work with me and we both love our jobs. Some of the work we do unfortunately involves what we call ‘matrimonials’, which are where we gather up information and evidence on potential and actual cheating partners. Those are the worst cases, in my opinion, and sometimes can be the most dangerous. Larry and I have both been shot at, punched, chased in our cars and just running down the street, you get the idea. Not fun! The best cases, although sometimes they don’t have happy endings, is when we can reunite missing people with their families. To me, those are the most rewarding.

Although Larry has yet to get a case that allows him to travel abroad, I have actually worked cases that took me to Paris, France and Rome, Italy. Oh those cities are absolutely breathtaking and one day, I want to take Alex to both! Or maybe one day Larry can take her to one and I to the other, as they are both romantic cities. My most recent case was in Rome and I was away for a few weeks. The difficult part about having to travel for work is being away from Alex. Not being able to come home to her every night is agonizing! But I know that Larry is there to take care of and comfort her while I am away; of course I make sure to check in every night, especially now that she is expecting Larry’s baby and has already had some complications. When we find ourselves expecting our first child together, I will not take the cases that have me travel to where we have to be apart for more than a day and of course with both her and Larry’s child and ours, once she hits the 32 week mark, I’m not traveling whatsoever. I want to be there with them to welcome their new baby and my new niece or nephew! When the time comes, I also definitely want to be there to help her bring and welcome our baby into the world.

I enjoy surveillance and research, and some of my childhood heroes were the super cool detectives and P.I’s in the movies and on television. So, naturally, becoming a P.I., was the obvious career choice. Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m cool by wearing my aviator sunglasses and straw Panamanian fedora hat. Pretending, or acting, is also a big part of being a P.I. I don’t ever want my real identity known to those who I am investigating, so over the years, I have come up with a few clever disguises, occupations and names to conceal my true identity for whatever the job calls for. It’s kinda like being an actor, but without all the paparazzi, fame, fortune, awards, glitz and glamour, etc. I don’t think I could handle that lifestyle, even though there have been times when I have come across people whom I had once investigated and they say that I look familiar and I have to act like I have absolutely no idea who they are. I usually put on my sunglasses at that point, because although my job sometimes has me stretch the truth to conceal, I’m really not all that good at lying and to be honest (haha, no pun intended, unless it makes you laugh then it was TOTALLY intended here), dishonesty is one of my pet peeves. Ironic, huh? But then again, my job is about revealing the truth.

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