Larry’s Story (From HIS Point of View): Part 15

The night before Alex and HH’s wedding anniversary, the kiddo had gone to her BFF’s house. HH picked me up and laid me down on the bed and instructed Alex on what he wanted her to do to me. He had her give both me and him blowjobs; having her alternate between the two of us. Then he slid a condom onto me and had me take her deep in the ass. He even videoed about three minutes of it before he reached around her waist as she was riding me and began to rub and stroke her clit. She came so hard that she collapsed on my chest. HH helped me pull out of her and he cleaned both of us up. She rested for a little while and then got on all fours and HH really nailed her and I got to watch! Doc got to see everything that happened that night and he had a hard on of epic proportions.

The day of their anniversary, they went on an out of town trip, but came back later in the day for some more fun. This time it included both me and Samantha Alexa! Doc and I watched Alex go down on Samantha Alexa while HH fingered her hardcore from behind. Both of us were hard as rocks. She came and rested for a while. Then she and I had a go at it. I didn’t use a condom. She was ovulating by this point and when I came, I made sure it stayed in deep. There was so much passion and intensity and love! When I came, I looked deep into her eyes and our gaze locked for a brief, but eternal and very powerful moment.

Weeks later, things started to change. It started with a couple of symptoms she recognized from her other pregnancies. She was in denial; I was not. I could just look at her and I knew. She kept saying that her period would come, but it didn’t. I had to know so I went out and bought a pregnancy test and brought it home. Alex went in the bathroom and took the test. She brought it out and set it on the vanity next to me and we watched as one pink line turned into two: she was pregnant! We hugged, we kissed, we cried and then I got down on both knees in front of her and put my hands on her pelvis and kissed her belly. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I looked up at her and asked her (I was in shock and happy at the same time; a whole flood of emotions running through me at one time) if I was going to be a daddy and if she is really going to have my baby. With tears in her eyes, she smiled at me and said, “Yes.”

Doc and Samantha Alexa were there with us and they were both so happy. Doc had tears in his eyes and he was smiling at us; he gave us hugs and held Alex for the longest time. Samantha Alexa got all giddy and excited. She is already planning the baby shower. It was a very emotional day for us. While we all are hoping for a healthy baby, I have to admit that I hope that she will give me a son. I know it is my sperm that determines the gender and all that, but still, to know that she is carrying a son would be…I’m getting emotional about this…but it would be…amazing because then I could give him my name. If we have a daughter, that would be cool too because I know she would be beautiful and smart just like Alex. I can only imagine how beautiful a daughter, half of me and half of Alex, would be. I’m not crying…YOU’RE CRYING! Ok, I’m totally crying over here.

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