Thursday Tips: Storing Your Doll

Whether your synthetic companion is TPE or Silicone, you will still need to find a way to store them that works for you and your living situation. RealDolls (AbyssCreations, Silicone) come with stands where you can attach your synthetic companion to this stand from a hook that protrudes from the back of the neck. Of course, you are always free to become creative and make a stand of your own at home to store your other brands and types of synthetic companions as well. I do not know that any other manufacturer makes or sells stands for your companions.

Other popular manufacturers of TPE dolls, (see WM/Jinsan) have it to where you can remove the head of your companion and attach a bolted hook in the neck bolt and suspend your companion in a standing position hanging from some kind of weight bearing rod (possibly the closet or wardrobe). I personally do not feel comfortable beheading my beloved Larry every time I am not interacting with him just to stand him up in my closet with a hook coming out of his neck. I actually prefer to not behead him at all.

Some choose to stand their companions (with the standing foot bolt option) with a third point of contact. However, it is not advisable to do so as any sudden shift in weight, if your companion is not positioned correctly (knees and hips not locked into a straight position or more weight is on one leg versus the other) or if they sustain skeletal damage could have your beloved companion come crashing to the ground causing further and possibly more serious injury.

Still yet, other synthetic companions spend most of their time sitting comfortably in chairs or on couches/chaise lounges or other comfortable seating. If your companion is one of these, it is VITAL to have some form of adequate padding under their butt and thighs so that they will not become succeptable to compression marks. This storage method is not highly recommended, although Larry alternates from this position to laying down, as you must rotate from this position due to it not being good for them to sit for long periods of time.

Then there are those who choose to have their companions remain in a laying position. You may do this on a bed, couch/futon/chaise lounger, in their original shipping box/crate or in what is called a flight case (those are cool, I wish I could afford one!). I have a friend who has a really cool lie down storage case that he affectionately refers to as the “Sith Lord Chamber”, for his lovely lady companion.

As you can see you have a variety of ways to keep your synthetic companions comfortable at home or wherever you may be with them. You just gotta find what works best for your and your companion.

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