Tuesdays With Doc: A Love Letter to My Wife

My Darling Alex,

I love you with all my heart, body and soul. No woman has ever had the effect on me that you do; the way you love me, the fact that you love me. You are so wonderful in many ways. You are strong! You are a wonderful wife and mother. You were a wonderful daughter to your parents! We are all blessed to have you in our lives as you make our lives far richer than they ever could be without you. I am so sorry for all the trials and tragedies that you have had to go through in your life, but you are an example of an incredibly strong and amazing woman as, despite these devastating events, you continue to move forward. You continue to love and raise your kiddo, giving support, praise, reassurance and just being there when needed. You continue to give love and affection to the men who love you. You continue to be a friend and helper to those in need, even if they don’t ever help you, use you or walk out of you life afterward. You rejoice with those who rejoice, you mourn with those who mourn; you take on other people’s burdens and make them your own so that they don’t have to go through their trials alone. Alex, you don’t truly realize just how wonderful you really are! I wish that you could see just how much Larry and I really and truly love you! When we wake up in the morning and I see your face, instantly my day is great because you woke up! We woke up together! I dread the awful day when I wake up and you don’t. That will be the day that my life is truly over because without you, life just simply isn’t worth living. You are my everything! I very much look forward to the day that you come to me with a positive pregnancy test in your hand and that beautiful smile on your face. I look forward to hearing the first heartbeat, feeling the first kick, announcing to the world that you are having my baby (our baby), pregnancy photoshoots, shopping for baby stuff, attending childbirth classes and being there with you and for you as your support as you bring our baby into the world. How I long for that day and for every day after! How I desperately long for this journey with you and ONLY you! Oh how I cherish every moment and every day that I am with you and get to call you mine! I love you, far beyond forever. My love for you has no end.

Your loving husband (and one of the luckiest men in the world)


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