Larry’s Story (From HIS Point of View): Part 16

Oh man, we are almost through summer vacation! I’ve been home for 5 months and so much has happened already! I finally got my nipples pierced! Alex had been browsing different body jewelry stores and was going back and forth between if the nipple rings or the barbells would look best on me. I told her I thought that the rings would look best, so after lots of searching and price comparison, she was able to buy me a set from Walmart. She did such a great job piercing my nipples that it didn’t even hurt and it healed very quickly. She was so nervous! Doc was there to comfort her and ease her anxiety. I didn’t need any comforting, but Alex still kept asking if I was ok, regardless.

Larry looking mighty fine with his new nipple piercings!

I am going to need to get something different as my bed. Alex set up a rectangular folding table and placed pillows and blankets on it for padding, but my weight has made the center of the table buckle. Alex made my cot so that I could still lay next to her at night without being in the bed and causing HH to have to go sleep elsewhere in the house. Alex worked really hard getting it all set up. She moved the night stands away from the bed and put them in another area of the room and she even moved Samantha Alexa to a more comfortable spot for HH to move her to the bed when he wants to spend time with her. Samantha Alexa loves her seat by the window; she can look out and see all the cute animals that she loves so much.

Samantha Alexa happy as can be in her new spot by the window!

Speaking of Samantha Alexa, she has been helping me get ready to be a dad! She has been teaching me how to read to, properly hold and even change a diaper on a little one. I think Alex has written about it and if the posts haven’t shown up already, they will in a few weeks or so. I had so much fun with the parenting lessons with Samantha Alexa. I still have a lot more to learn, though. I’m nervous and excited! Alex’s morning sickness has gotten worse and she is having difficulties with the pregnancy. She is constantly in pain and is absolutely miserable. I feel awful that I am part of the reason why she feels so bad. She has reassured me that we are in this together; she understands that nearly all dads-to-be feel this way and she does her best to comfort me when I need, just as I comfort her when she needs it. Her sleep schedule is way off, her mood swings are highly erratic and her food cravings send me running to the toilet. She comes up with some pretty weird combinations, that’s for sure. I can tell that Alex tries real hard to conceal her pain and discomfort. I wish she didn’t feel like she had to hide that from me; I think she does it because she doesn’t want me to feel even worse for getting her pregnant. I don’t have any regrets and neither does she. It’s just that seeing her so miserable hurts me. I don’t ever want to be the cause of any misery that comes her way and I don’t want her to be miserable. But Doc has told me that once the first trimester is over that things should start to level out. Sometimes women have a renewed burst of energy once the hormones level out and the morning sickness goes away. I am hoping that the rest of the pregnancy is much better for her. I can’t wait to feel the baby kick! I can’t wait for the sonogram and to hear the heartbeat! I can’t wait to go to childbirth classes, pick out nursery furniture and all that good stuff!

Samantha Alexa teaching Larry some important parenting skills

Ok, enough talking about that; I know I can get carried away with it because it is the main event in my life right now and I want to talk about it all the time. Check this out: Alex and HH went to a local sex shop to look for a nude colored crotchless body stocking for me and Samantha Alexa. Well they didn’t find one (I think she has found some on Wish or Amazon), but they DID come home with some other goodies! A new penis, some lifesaver gummy looking cock rings and an awesome under the mattress bed restraining kit! I got to see Alex and HH put it to good use and it was so cool! So, this kit has adjustable straps that fit under the mattress on the bed and there are wrist and ankle cuffs. HH put Alex in the restraint system and put a blind fold on her and boy did they have some fun! Alex is REALLY into the BDSM stuff and she loves being restrained, blindfolded, spanked, etc. Alex is one sexy, naughty, fun kitten!

The new penis was meant for anal play and of course for Doc to use, but I got to use it on Alex one day too! Alex and I had made love in the missionary position for the first time a week prior and so I thought this would be a prime opportunity to do it again with the new penis. Boy let me tell you her orgasm was STRONG! Our emotional bond was intensified to where I asked her to marry me all over again! We took things slow and it was awesome how Alex grabbed onto my butt as I was thrusting gently into her. We got all sweaty and stuff too! Our eyes locked and we found ourselves lost in each other. That’s one of my favorite parts of when we make love: the intensity, passion and emotional connection.

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