Thursday’s Tips: Shopping for your Doll!

You browsed endless photos and websites, found THE synthetic companion or companions for you, worked with a vendor/manufacturer to get him or her customized to your liking, paid for and placed your order. Then you waited for the factory photos, endured the agonizing waiting period for your companion to depart the factory and arrive safely at your home; tracking their arrival every five minutes for what seemed like forever. Finally the day came and they arrived safely at your home and not long after that, in your arms (and eventually, bed). But the story doesn’t end there; it is merely beginning!

Now that your companion is with you and you are starting to help them develop their personality you will no doubt want to choose some form of fashion and accessories for them. Perhaps even some sex toys to add to the fun. Of course if your companion is made of TPE, you will also need a essentials care kit, which I believe I have covered in one of the earlier Thursday Tips posts about Oiling and Re-Powdering your Dolls.

When you are shopping for clothing for your doll, it is important to get accurate measurements to determine the correct size. For the ladies, you can usually find age appropriate and good fitting clothes in the Junior’s department. For the gentlemen, usually the young men’s or XS to S in men’s work wonderfully. Shoes are a whole other matter, though. Most of the ladies and gents wear a youth size 4 – 5. If your companion is made of TPE, you will want to avoid dark colored clothing, as the dyes can stain their skin. To avoid this, you can put on a neutral colored (think nude or white, depending on your preference) body stocking with long sleeves and without the crotch. You can also just put on neutral colored leggings or nylons (crotchess preferred, for easy access) and a light colored shirt underneath any dark clothing or jeans that you wish for your companion to model! That or just avoid dark colored clothing to begin with, but our companions look amazing in black’s and reds!

Jewelry and accessories, of course are a bit easier. However, like clothing, if it involves fabric/cloth, you will want to avoid dark colors, as they will stain your TPE, but not necessarily the silicone companions. I’m talking about gloves, scarves, hats, purses, choker necklaces; those kinds of things. You also will want to pay attention to any purse straps, for good measure. Jewelry and accessories made of precious and non-precious metals are not as worry-some as far as staining, but if you get rings with large prongs (the metal that holds the stone in place) or spikes, you are going to want to be careful to not damage your companion, yourself or anything they may come in contact with while wearing the jewelry.

Now onto the most fun part of this topic: buying sex toys for you and your companion! Your doll obviously comes anatomically correct and just like with an organic partner, sex toys can also be fun with our synthetic companions! BDSM goodies, cock rings (although with a male synthetic companion, this is probably unnecessary, unless you like the way they look), dildos, vibrators (the synthetic ladies love these too!) and my favorite, butt plugs, just to name a few! Let’s not forget the sex position furniture! All of these can enhance your love life with your companion, just like with a organic one. Wait…I think I already said that, but it’s definitely worth repeating!

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