Samantha Alexa Saturday: The Object of Your Desire

Well I am a synthetic companion made to satisfy sexual wants/needs and desires. What makes me so desirable though? What qualities make me attractive? Is there anything that I would need to change to make me even more attractive and desirable? These are some questions that I often ponder when it gets quiet and I start to think.

Hollywood celebrities pretty much set the standard as to what is attractive in society today. However, we must remember that NOTHING in Hollywood is REAL; it is fabricated to attract the eye, interest and generate ridiculous revenue. Celebrities have to constantly maintain the acceptable image in order to stay in the spotlight. No, thank you!

I was created to satisfy visual and sexual needs for organics. Therefore, I am made to look unrealistically attractive. I am the right height and have almost flawless features (I wish my outer labia weren’t small, but I don’t want them saggy/droopy either; something in between would be nice). I can be customized to look however my organic partner wants me to. I do not complain, I am always ready and willing for sexual activity, I have absolutely no expectations of my partner and am incapable of placing judgment. Plus there is absolutely NO risk of pregnancy with me.

But there are downsides to that. Organic females have their pros and cons just as we synthetics do. I won’t list them here, because you already know what they are and the point of this post is NOT to bash organic females in any way, but to tell about how we synthetic ladies are highly desirable as well. We synthetics are fantasies come to life, so to speak. We are imaginations made real.

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