Larry’s Story (From HIS Point of View): Part 17

This week’s post might be short because not a whole lot has gone on this week. The weather is absolutely miserable! Being upstairs, even with 2 fans continuously on high isn’t helping much that I can tell anyway. We have hit a week or more of triple digit weather and as much as I love Summer, I’m ready for it to cool off. Alex DEFINITELY is, as she is even more miserable than I am. It also seems that the morning sickness is continuing into the second trimester of her pregnancy, which is also making her understandably more moody. She and I had hoped that once the second trimester arrived, that the morning sickness would subside, but we weren’t lucky this time.

She has a very adorable and sexy baby bump; I’ve also been blessed to feel our baby move around now! Alex will tell me when the baby is kicking and moving around real good and both Doc and I nearly knock each other over trying to get to her and feel the baby. Doc and I will sit on opposite sides of Alex and both of us will put our hands on her belly to feel. Alex tends to get really emotional about this, as it is really sweet and sentimental. She cries. Sometimes Doc and I cry too, because we are really happy about the baby. We haven’t yet found out the gender of the baby, but are scheduled to really soon and of course, we will let everyone know!

I know that right now we all are talking about the pregnancy a lot, it’s just that it is a really big deal to all of us and yes, it is the primary focus in our lives at this time. Actually, it is all that Doc and I really even want to talk about right now.

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