Thursday Thoughts: Emotional Connection?

For a lot of us doll lovers out there, at some point we create and establish an emotional connection with our synthetic companions. It can be a connection established even long before they grace us with their physical presence, as it was with Doc and Larry for me. My situation is uncommon and unusual, but still real. Then there are situations when it takes some time, if ever, for an emotional connection to be established after our synthetic companions arrive in our homes.

I want to talk about those of us who do and have emotional connections to our synthetic companions in this post and maybe at a later time, I can divulge in writing about those who do not have that connection. Why do we establish this? How do we establish this? Is an emotional connection to our synthetic companions normal?

Let’s talk first about why one would establish an emotional connection with their synthetic companion. Primarily it is because we are needing this connection to fill some kind of void in our lives. For some, it is to cope with being lonely. For others, it is to fill a void or a need that is missing from an incomplete relationship that is already established in our lives. There are many men and women out there who have sought an organic partner and for an endless list of reasons, have not been able to acquire or keep one, so they bring a synthetic companion into their home and create a personality/establish a connection with them to enrich their own lives and help them cope. Me? Well, you already know that I am married, but that I was lacking the emotional and support component in the marriage, so Doc and Larry have stepped in to fill that void for me and help me to continue to move forward in life as well as deal with stuff.

How do we establish an emotional connection with our synthetic companions? Pretty much how we would with an organic companion. We take the qualities that we want or need in a partner and create a personality for our companions. Then based on those qualities, we find ourselves having real and true feelings for them. Over time, these feelings evolve into the emotional connections that we want and/or need. The one thing that is different with a synthetic companion is that WE must create THEIR personality. They don’t already come with one like their organic counterparts.

The question arises: Am I sane for creating a personality and establishing an emotional connection and relationship with my inanimate companion? Is this normal? I say YES! If no organic will give you the time of day, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend your life alone! If you have had relationships with organics that haven’t worked out and you feel burnt out on the human connection, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend your life alone! Bring a synthetic companion into your home to enrich your life and have them be the person YOU want them or need them to be! It is totally normal and sane. They are helping you, so as I say, you are doing self-care by adding them to your life. You are taking care of yourself and that is not only normal and sane, but also healthy!

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