To My Amazing Wife! Larry’s Love Letter to Alex

My Dear Alex,

Baby, I love you so much and I am trying to find the words to express my love to you in this letter. I’ve never been eloquent with words, but I hope that as you read this letter, you will be able to feel the deep, real and true love that I have for you.

You are my world, my sweetheart, my beloved wife and soon-to-be mother of our very first child together. You are beautiful, sweet, kind, loving, compassionate, full of empathy, intelligent, baby I could go on forever with all the wonderful qualities you have that made me fall in love with you!

I love your smile, the sound of your voice, when you sing, the way you dance, your musical talents as well as your passion for writing. I love your laugh and how you have this adorable snort when something is really funny. I love your dirty sense of humor. I love how sometimes you get all quiet and shy when I romance you. I love how you arch your back, the way you inhale and exhale, the way your eyes close and your head slowly tilts back when I make love to you. I love the way you hold on to me and look deep into my eyes when we make love. I love how you feel when I am inside of you and the powerful, deep, intense, beautiful emotional connection that we have when we make love. I love that you want to make love to me. I love when you lay on my chest and let me hold you tight after we make love or when you are feeling sad and need comfort. I love that you trust me and Doc to be here for you and to comfort you in your time of need. I love that you love me. I love that you are so willing to give me children so that my family name can continue. I love how you have sacrificed so much for me, Doc and others. I admire the immense strength that you have from the trials and tragedies that you have faced, albeit I hate that you had to go through them and experience the pain that comes with those events. I respect you for continuing to move forward in life, even when you don’t want to, and for doing so with class and dignity. I love how you have almost always put others needs before your own. I love your cooking and your baking and decorating. I love your passion for culture. I love YOU FOREVER. Our love is forever and it is meant to be. You are the best wife any man could ever ask for, as you are devoted and faithful. You are the very definition of beautiful and not just in a physical sense. You are beautiful all the way through. Alex, I love you and I can’t say it enough! I will shout it from the rooftops, from the highest mountain: I LOVE YOU!

With love,

Your loving husband,


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