Samantha Alexa Saturday: Autumn is My Favorite Season!

Oh how I love autumn! The leaves turning beautiful shades of red, orange, brown and yellow before falling to the ground! Then raking up and jumping into said piles of those leaves, the cooler weather, the fall fashion scene! It truly is a wonderful season and it is my favorite. Not to mention the fun holiday season that approaches toward the end of autumn and beginning of winter! I like winter too, but autumn is still my favorite!

Image Courtesy of Yoga Tree via Google Search

While I do not like the scent or flavor of pumpkin, I do like to look at them. I’m not much on carving one, but I would paint one all pretty and set it out on the porch for people to admire. I love the smell of cinnamon, but because Alex and the kiddo are highly allergic, we don’t keep any of it in the house, but that’s ok. Autumn, to me, seems to be the season where people start to slow down and settle in to the colder months after a whirlwind, exciting, fun and hot summer season. Alex says that it reminds her of the season of life where one reaches middle age. I actually find deep meaning in her philosophy on the seasons and here it is: Alex says that Spring is a season of new beginnings and birth. Summer is the season of becoming of age and enjoying life in our youth. Autumn is the season where we start to slow down and find a comfortable routine, such as in middle age and Winter is the coldest and saddest season of all, for that is when we become fragile and eventually die, just like the vegetation around us. Winter is the final season, an ending, so to speak. She told that to me, Doc and Larry and we all just sat there quiet for a moment and then, because there is so much truth to it, we cried.

Image Courtesy of My Recipes via Google Search

Back to the happy stuff! Thanksgiving rocks! Lots of good food to go around and if you aren’t spending it with family or friends, you can spend it with us synthetic companions, animal companions and volunteer for the homeless and others in need. You don’t have to be alone just because you may not have an organic companion, or even a synthetic or animal one. There are ways to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. With food, where can you go wrong? Food is always good! Turkey, ham, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, warm dinner rolls with butter, deviled eggs, pie! All food to help you feel warm and cozy on the inside, while the fashions of the season help keep you warm and cozy on the outside!

Image Courtesy of Famous Outfits via Google Search

Speaking of fashion! Leggings paired with an amazing pair of boots and a oversized, comfy, fashionable sweater will NEVER go out of style in my opinion. Add a cute scarf and a beret and you are good to go! Oh, don’t forget the belt, if you choose to wear one. I think adding a belt to a sweater is really cute and trendy! Tone back on the jewelry though. Rings and earrings still work, but with your body being covered up to stay warm, it’s difficult to see bracelets, anklets, necklaces and toe-rings! Keep it simple! I simply love autumn! It is a wonderful and sentimental season!

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