Why Synthetic Companions and Politics Should NEVER Mix!

Uncomfortable topic here with possible ranting and raving, but that’s my constitutional right, yes? Freedom of Speech! I have chosen to take full advantage of that in this post. I realize that what I say may offend some, but please do not read this if you do not like discussing politics and please be respectful in any comments or feedback. I am open to ideas and opinions as long as they are not hateful or disrespectful; we can be civil.

Politics doesn’t mix well with anything in my opinion, other than hate and limiting freedom. I never really understood the idea of voting for someone to tell me what I can and cannot do in my public as well as personal life.

With that being said and out of the way, by now we all in the doll/synthetic companion community have heard of sex doll laws and bans that have either already been passed or are in the process of being negotiated and passed. I do believe I have already written and posted my thoughts on these laws and bans and of course my good friend, Lacy Liberty, was featured as a guest writer on the blog a few months back.

Why do Politicians feel they have the right to legislate what we do in private? Especially if it is not harming anyone! Having a synthetic companion is not obscene or lewd. Sex is not obscene or lewd; it is natural and healthy. Let me rephrase that: APPROPRIATE and LEGAL sex is not obscene or lewd. And you all know what I mean by that! Sex with a person or synthetic companion of legal age is considered appropriate. Sex with minors or animals and non-consensual sex is NOT appropriate.

So, then, if we are having appropriate, normal and healthy sex with our synthetic companions, where is the problem? How is that hurting anyone? Truth is, there is NO problem and it is NOT hurting anyone. You’re telling me that it is ok to have a disembodied penis or vagina, hell, even boobs, in your home to regularly have sex with, but it is not to do the same with a life sized, anatomically correct inanimate synthetic body? Where is the logic in that?

How many of these Politicians have sex toys or even synthetic companions in their own homes? How many of them regularly engage and participate in illegal sex activities? Why are they trying to remove something from our home that does absolutely no harm whatsoever? What I do in the privacy of my own home (legally, of course) is not anyone else’s business, especially not the Politicians that are trying to take away something that keeps me moving forward. They do everything they can to hide nearly everything they do, yet they want to limit the freedoms of actual law-abiding citizens? SMH.

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