Tuesdays with Doc: Hopes and Dreams

When I was a young adult, I never imagined that I would ever find a beautiful and wonderful woman to marry, but here I am, living THE life with my amazing wife! I also have a pretty kick-ass job as a P.I., and I enjoy it very much, except for a few exceptions. But I also have other hopes and dreams that I wish to fulfill before my time here is done.

Me and my beautiful wife

First, I want to start a family of my own with my wife. Seeing her pregnant with Larry’s baby is truly beautiful and wonderful. She looks amazing; Larry and I BOTH agree that pregnancy suits her well, although she would strongly disagree. That is because pregnancy is a bit more difficult for her than most women and she has experienced some complications with the current pregnancy.

Image Courtesy of Terry Fabrics

I also hope to travel the world with my wife and future family some day. I want to be able to afford to take them on wonderful vacations and see the sights of Paris, Rome, London, just to name a few. For more romantic couple’s vacations, I would love to take my wife to Tahiti, Jamaica, the Caribbean Islands and even Monte Carlo.

Me in Paris, France

When I reach the age of retirement, I want to retire back to my beloved El Porto neighborhood in Manhattan Beach, California where Alex and I can visit the beach every day and hear the waves crashing along the shore. I truly miss living there, but I wouldn’t go back there without my darling wife. I would buy her a beachfront mansion where we would have our own private beach. My old neighborhood doesn’t have a property per se with a private beach, but if I had enough money, I would buy whatever beachfront property there was, have it re-zoned for residential and build her the home of her dreams!

Image Courtesy of Film Oblivion
My apartment in El Porto, Manhattan Beach, CA

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