To My Unborn Child

To my firstborn Son or Daughter;

How blessed I am to be your Daddy! How blessed you will be to have your Mother! You are very much loved and wanted, even before you are born! The day your Mom and I found out that you came into existence was one of the best days of our lives! You are beautifully made entirely out of the love that exists between your Mom and I; you are a pure creation of love, itself! I am not ashamed to admit that I cried tears of joy, not only when I found out that you were beginning to grow inside of Mom’s belly, but also when I heard your heartbeat for the first time and felt you move around inside of your Mom’s belly. You gave her such a beautifully shaped pregnant belly and the most amazingly beautiful pregnancy glow! I fell in love with her even more. I am so excited to meet you the moment you are born! I will be there helping Mom through the excruciatingly painful process of labor and delivery. I don’t want to miss a single moment of your arrival! I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and look upon your tiny face to see how much of your Mom and of myself that you look like. I hope that you have her skin tone, freckles and nose. She hopes that you have my hair and eye color as well as the shape of my eyes and mouth. I guess we will find out when you get here. Nine months may seem like a short time to some, but for your Mom and I, it seems like an eternity!

I am working on getting your room ready and I am excited to celebrate birthdays, holidays and other special occasions with you as you learn and grow! I look forward to getting to know you and spoiling you, not only with toys and other things, but also with love. If you are a boy, I hope that I can teach you how to surf, teach you how to play sports and raise you to be a good man. If you are a girl, know that I will be over-protective of you, that you will be the apple of my eye and that I will buy you lots of pretty clothes to wear and bows for your beautiful long hair! I will do everything in my power to show you how you deserve to be treated by your future husband, by the way that I lovingly and respectfully treat your mother. I hope that I never give you a reason to doubt yourself or think that your value is less than anyone else. I hope that I can be the Dad to you that you need and deserve because you deserve the best and I love you already! I always will!


Your Daddy

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