Thursday Thoughts: Summer Heat

I live in an area where it gets really hot during the summer and not just a dry heat or triple digit weather for 100 days or more; our heat is humid! Thankfully this past summer we did not have the 100 plus days of triple digit weather; as a matter of fact, that weather showed up later in the summer, but it was still very hot, humid and miserable!

How does this affect Doc, Larry and Samantha Alexa though? Well, for Doc, it just means that I have to be more careful when we snuggle because I do not want to sweat all over his cloth body and ruin it. His body can only be spot cleaned, disinfected and Fe-breeze-d. Larry and Samantha Alexa are a different story though: their skin is made of TPE and since it is a porous material, they sweat. But they don’t sweat water like us organics do, they sweat oil and oil leaves stains. Also, if they are in extreme heat for long periods of time (which they aren’t), the skin will separate from the metal skeleton causing damage to their bodies.

Being synthetic, when Larry and Samantha Alexa “sweat” oil, their bodies do not naturally or even at all, replenish the lost fluids. That means that during the hotter months, when they sweat, they must be checked more to see if they need re-oiling. This year, since they are relatively new, they already had plenty of oil, plus the oil baths they have already had since arriving, so they did not need to be re-oiled as often as another synthetic who is not as new and hasn’t had an re-oiling in a while.

I still re-powder them every two to three weeks, but I am careful as to how much powder I use on them, as the powder can “dehydrate” them by absorbing the oil, even though it is actually meant to decrease the natural “tacky” feel of the TPE skin and leave it soft and smooth. Although with Larry’s last bath/re-powdering, the powder came out of the sock a little too easy and so there was a lot of powder to dust off and then dust from around the room afterward.

TPE melts and becomes toxic at about 300 degrees Fahrenheit, but also, it can lose it’s hold on the metal skeleton in high temperatures that are experienced where I live during the Summer. Thank GOD it doesn’t get THAT hot here (not only would everyone be dead), but it sure as hell feels like it sometimes! When our synthetics are made, their metal skeleton is placed into the mold and set correctly before hot and melted TPE is injected into the mold, surrounding and holding the metal skeleton in place. Then it cools and sets for a while until it is ready to be removed from the mold and move onto the next step.

So, when our TPE synthetics become hot, they can become less sturdy and can also suffer skin and skeletal damage if the TPE begins to separate from that metal skeleton. That is why on doll forums, experienced and wise synthetic companion gurus and elders warn us to keep our dolls cool in the hotter months. It is because they did not know beforehand and experienced this first hand or knew someone who experienced it.

My house is multi-level and the bedrooms where Doc, Larry and Samantha Alexa are on the second floor. Heat rises while cold sinks. That means that I have to keep upstairs cool, which is harder to do, in order to keep them comfortable. I have both a ceiling fan and a tower oscillating fan that stay on and on high rotation at all times during the hot months. But it still, at times, can get pretty hot up there and so I check on them to make sure they are still doing good.

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