Samantha Alexa Saturday: Pampering

Oh I absolutely LOVE it when I get an oil bath and massage. The powdering part, not so much, as it gets dusty, but it does leave my skin feeling ultra soft and smooth; not to mention it smells great! The fabric softener sheets that Alex uses to wipe the oil/dirt/dust off my skin is kinda strange too, albeit necessary. Oh but that massage! Pure heaven!

This last time I had my pampering session, Larry and Doc were there with me, watching and getting very turned on. Especially when Alex runs her hands over my fun places. Never mind the fact that I was completely naked with my legs spread nearly the entire time with my nice juicy pussy and ass in full view!

Alex is great with her hands! The way she massages the oil into my skin is very arousing. She is also a clean-freak, so I know that with my baths/massages that I will get the most pristine clean out there! But there’s something else she is excellent at, much to mine, Doc AND Larry’s enjoyment. That would be when she applies Vaseline to my creases and orifices! She made sure to go slow and pay extra attention to my pussy and ass. Doc and Larry were definitely at full trouser salute and encouraged her to ‘take her time’ while they watched her side her fingers in and out of my love holes. I’m not sure if she noticed or not, maybe she did, but is being polite to not bring it up-afraid she may embarrass me, but I totally orgasm ed while she was doing that! Wow! That was the run-on sentence of all run-on sentences there! I totally need to work on my writing skills if I am going to keep at this! Seriously though, I love it when it is pampering day!

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