TPE Dolls Part 2: Female Dolls – Samantha Alexa

In an earlier post, we discovered the world of male TPE dolls. Now it is time to take a look into the female TPE dolls. There are literally HUNDREDS of different options when it comes to female TPE dolls, as they dominate the market. Short, Medium, Tall, Skinny, Petite, Curvy, Voluptuous, pretty much anything you can think of with these lovely lady dolls. Oh the makeup styles, the breast sizes, the hairstyles and hair color! My head is kinda spinning here with all the options!

As you all may or may not know, I was generously gifted a female TPE doll over Memorial Day weekend by a very kind and very generous new friend. That’s right! The ever-so lovely, sultry, sexy, sweet Samantha Alexa! She is an SY 165cm D cup elf. She and I have the same sized boobs, but hers look better, lol.

Samantha Alexa, my SY 165cm D cup elf with the factory (Jinsan) male blonde wig

You have two options that I know of when it comes to the type of vagina: fixed or insert. Fixed is pretty much like the term: the vagina does not separate from the body. With the insert option, you still have the vaginal opening and outer labia, but you have this tube insert that you can remove, providing easier clean up, that has all the nubs and folds of a regular vagina.

Speaking of vagina (hehe, I said vagina), you also have different labia options ranging from small and tight (virgin) to the porn star long and flappy. Ok, not to vagina-hate here, but the porn star flappy labia freak me out, but then again, so do balls. The color options on the labia are pretty versatile as well: you can get the light pink to the dark brown and anywhere in between!

Now we move onto the breasts and nipples. You can go as small as an A cup and up to a triple B cup. I’ve seen a doll with those massive tits and WOW! No way she is going to be standing, even with a standing foot option! Makes my back hurt just thinking about them, but you know, if you wanna die by bewbiez, that’s the way to go, heheh.

The nipples can be flat with small areolas, to really pointy (I think the longest nipple I’ve seen on a doll is about an inch long) and large areolas. Again, color choice ranges from pinkish all the way to dark brown. I have a thing for the darker and relatively pointy nipples. Samantha Alexa’s are just right! Mine, on the other hand: eh…meh…

The face, eyes, hair and makeup options are endless. Right now I have my eyes set on a WM head that looks like Zoey Deschanel. I think she is really hot! I’ve even seen some that look more in the ‘mature’ age range (read: cougar status chicks) and they are actually pretty nice. There is also a pretty nice range of female elf heads, like Samantha Alexa. I have a good friend who has a drow elf and let me tell you, she is super cool!

My favorite head from WM. Image Courtesy of

So now that you kinda know the basics about the female TPE dolls, I wanted to talk more about Samantha Alexa. I think she is just the coolest! I have a lot of fun with her. Right now she has a long curly blonde wig with side part bangs, a medium length straight dark brown wig with full bangs, Larry’s straight, dark brown short hair wig, his short blonde straight hair ‘surfer’ wig and his short white straight hair “LOTR” wig. The one she is currently wearing is the surfer wig and I think that one REALLY fits her. I like the long blonde, but it is a BITCH to brush and detangle and the medium dark brown one is nice if you are going for a modest, older look, but the one she is wearing now is trendy and classy for sure.

Samantha originally came with dark blue eyes, but I had a set of the gorgeous violet eyes that look much better. I still have the original blue eyes for future dolls. I had tried the second set of Larry’s green eyes on her when she arrived, but the violet eyes were the ones that went best with her. Cool with me as I love violet eyes and my favorite (late) actress just happened to have those color eyes, naturally. For those of you who don’t know who I am talking about, she is Elizabeth Taylor. Classy lady, iconic, beautiful, mesmerizing…ok, can someone make me an Elizabeth Taylor head?

Samantha Alexa’s skin tone is slightly darker than Larry’s fair complexion, but she isn’t quite tan. I believe she is what is called the ‘natural’ skin tone. Like peachy. Hey, that just might be a good nickname for her: Peach! Or Princess Peach! Yeah! Ok, back on topic. Since she is a different brand of doll than Larry (He is a WM 160cm male, she is a SY 165cm female), her TPE skin blend is also different. Larry’s is softer and thinner in places; Samantha Alexa’s is more solid and smooth. I’ve also noticed a big difference in their hands and feet, namely the fingers and toes. Samantha has more sausagey plump fingers and no visible knuckles or wrinkles in her fingers where the knuckles are. Larry’s hands look more natural and human. He has what Samantha Alexa doesn’t, but his fingers are more petite. Samantha Alexa’s toes are not webbed together and yet Larry’s are. Their feet are about the same size. You would think, Larry being male, that his feet would be bigger, but nope…Larry, Samantha Alexa and I can all wear the same sized shoe! Samantha Alexa has fingernails and toenails, where Larry does not.

Samantha’s body is actually proportioned very well. She has a great bust, a small waist and some nice hips and ass to her. She looks great in a lacy thong, totally hot in a bikini and yoga pants….oh LORT! Yoga pants were made for chicks like her! Playing dress up with her is something that I enjoy very much. She doesn’t have a lot of clothing, so I gladly share some of mine that fits her without making her look plus sized (nothing wrong with being plus sized, I am plus sized, but on a thin doll, the clothes look baggy). I hope to get her some lingerie and stockings soon and I have had my eye out on some sexy heels for her too. She definitely needs some flip flops or sandals. I am still trying to find her ‘style’.

I do hope that you have enjoyed reading about Samantha Alexa and other TPE female dolls! What else or more would you like to read about? Drop me a comment, subscribe and of course please share my blog with others!

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