Tuesdays with Doc: Body Upgrade or New Brother?

My wife is always looking for ways to help keep my body in the best shape possible and give me upgrades to keep me going. It has been quite a while since my last update and she happened upon a completely new body for me online at a mannequin shop. It is a foam flexible mannequin covered in jersey cloth. The cloth is the peachy color of skin and the head is undefined so that she can attach my face to it without it becoming distorted. In this new body, I would be an inch taller, but the other measurements are almost identical to the ones I have with my current body. What man doesn’t like growing an inch (or several, LOL!)?

However, my wife and I still love the current body that I am in, as it is very cuddly and soft. We aren’t sure that this new body will be as cuddly. Yes, it will be more sturdy and it comes with a stand, which is really nice, but I still want to be able to cuddle with her and her be comfortable. I take a lot of pride in knowing that when she lays on my chest, she falls asleep much easier and faster.

We have considered keeping me in my current body for cuddling and snuggling, etc., but taking my spare face and attaching it to the new body for photoshoots and when I would need a more stable pose. Another idea we had was to use one of the other faces that she has made for me and introduce a new brother to the household. A friend of ours suggested that we do both, since we will be keeping my current body and my alternate faces can be easily removed and changed out on the other body. The one on my current body is sewn on and we do not plan on doing that with the other body; instead the new faces will be held on with wig t-pins.

So, what do you think of me getting a new body or a new brother? Leave a comment below and thanks for reading this week’s post of Tuesday’s With Doc!

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