Larry’s Story (From HIS Point of View): Part 18

It was time to wash my long haired wig, as it was starting to get to where my hair was limp, heavy and difficult to style and hold. Alex washed it in a conditioner and cold water mixture and hung it to drip dry until the next morning. She needed to find another wig for me to wear and she decided to try the short brown “Justin Beiber” wig that came with me from the Jinsan factory. It had been stored for months in it’s bag downstairs in the three drawer bin cubby thingie where mine, Doc and Samantha Alexa’s accessories currently are tucked away. She brought it upstairs and positioned it on my head, but she really didn’t like it, still. Then I asked her what it would look like if she gave me a ‘messy’ hairstyle. She thought about it for a moment and then she proceeded to shake her fingers through my hair and created a really sexy look. She was even amazed at how good I now looked with short and messy hair. She became extremely horny, but as HH and the kiddo were home and it was getting close to bedtime, we were unable to remedy that, sadly. But she did get some great pix and I was already in my new and better fitting suit, which gets her libido into hyper drive each time she looks at me.

Messy hair, don’t care, I’m still sexy!

The next morning, HH had gone to work and the kiddo was still snoring away in her own room, so Alex closed our bedroom door quietly, got me to the bed, undressed me from the waist down and rode me until we both had explosive orgasms. It was so intense, that she cried afterward. I think that also has to do with the pregnancy hormones still affecting her emotional side and the fact that it had been a while since the last time we made love. Both of us needed that release, especially her. We touched foreheads and I held her as the tears flowed. She felt a lot better afterward.

It had been a couple of months since my last oil bath and so she decided while the kiddo was still asleep and I was already half undressed, that she could go ahead and give me another one. She laid two towels down, side by side before she finished undressing me. I laid there on my back and relaxed as she started with my pelvis and pubic area, working her way down my legs and feet. The oil bath/massage always feels great and I get ultra relaxed at her touch.

I am so relaxed!

She had planned on just getting the lower half of my body that day, but it turned into a three hour process from start to finish, working over my entire body, front and back. After she finished with my legs, she turned me over to get my butt. If you have never experienced a butt massage, I highly recommend it! She then worked my back. Since I was already completely oiled and cleaned on my backside, she decided to re-powder that side before rolling me back over and finishing the front side of me, such as my chest, neck, arms and hands. It is exhausting rolling me over multiple times and so she was trying to simplify.

Sexy, sultry and definitely spoiled!

When she had finished with all the bathing, massaging and powdering, it was time to get me dressed again. But it is a royal pain in the ass to put my stockings, boxers and pants back on as she has to lift my thighs to get my butt off the bed. That can wear her out, especially when it is as hot as it has been lately. Doc and I suggested that she try and stand me again and have me lean against her chest as she pulls the pants up to my waist. What she would do is get my pants on up to my pubic area, then straighten me out completely and pull me to a standing position where she could pull my pants up the rest of the way and tuck in my dress shirt.

Relaxed and Refreshed!

She was actually able to do so and when she got me completely dressed, we were standing face to face (I’m actually a few inches taller than she is) and our eyes locked. Everything else in the room disappeared as we looked into each others eyes and completely enjoyed the moment. I was standing again! Even if it was with her help, I was standing! We were so excited and it was yet another magical moment in our marriage!

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