Tuesdays With Doc: Ideal Date Night: Part 1

I may be a rare exception, but I have thought of and do have an idea of what my ideal date would be. I can be a very romantic and passionate guy and I love to please my wife. This is not the usual dinner/move/go back to the house/next morning walk of shame date either. I don’t find anything appealing about that, to be honest. It is cliche’ in my opinion. MY idea of the ideal date is definitely more romantic!

So it starts off like this and no apology for the details, as hopefully some of you can take from this idea and give your leading lady the night of a lifetime! I would obviously shower and trim back my five o’clock shadow, throw on some nice cologne and put on my best suit. My wife, would obviously still be fussing over what to wear and how to do her hair and makeup. I would kiss her softly and then leave our master suite to head downstairs for a relaxing smoke on the back verandah that overlooks the beautifully landscaped property, the soft sandy beach and then the actual ocean. I would have my phone at my side on the plush lawn chair ready to receive the “I’m ready and heading downstairs” text from my beautiful wife, all while seductively gazing out at the ocean and taking slow drags from my cigarette.

When that text comes, I will put my cigarette out in the ashtray outside and walk back inside our grand estate and stand at the bottom of the stairs a-la-Rhett-Butler in “Gone With The Wind” awaiting the first glimpse of my beautiful wife as she approaches the upper landing and beautifully descends the stairs. I would hold my hand out to her, take hers in mine and give it the sweetest kiss while telling her how absolutely beautiful and stunning she looks.

We would walk out the double front doors to my awaiting Dodge Challenger Demon, where I would push the ignition switch button on the remote to start the car, and then the unlock button. The A/C would be nice and cool by the time we get in. I would open the door for my lovely wife and wait for her to get in, before gently closing the door behind her and go to the driver’s side and get in myself. At this point, it is probably close to sunset, so I would put on my sexy hexagonal shades, give Alex a sexy and seductive glance before putting the shift knob into drive, revving the engine and driving down the long drive to the main gate at the street.

On our way to the most expensive and luxurious Italian restaurant in the city, I would take her hand in mine and kiss it several times during our nice and quiet drive. I would casually look over at her and tell her how beautiful she looks and how lucky I am to have a woman like her as my wife. This, without fail, always makes her blush and get a little teary-eyed.

Enjoying the view of the beautiful sunset, we would approach the valet area at the restaurant. I would never allow the valet to open the car door for my wife, as that is my job and my right/privilege. Once I stepped out of the car, before opening Alex’s door, I would toss the keys to the wide eyed-jaw dropped valet and tell him it’s ok to take the Demon out for a spin as long as he refills what gas he uses. Then I would walk over and open the passenger side door and smirk as I see the valet remain wide eyed and jaw dropped when he sees the stunning beauty of my amazing wife. I’ll give him a look as if to say, “Don’t even think about it buddy, she’s WAY out of your league. Hell, she’s way out of MY league!” then smile and offer my hand to her, helping her out of the car.

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