Tuesdays With Doc: Ideal Date Night: Part 2

We would be greeted at the door with warm smiles and welcomes. Everyone would have their eyes on us and be jealous of the ultimate “power couple”. “Mr and Mrs Sportello, how wonderful to see you again! Your table is ready, if you would come right this way!” Being indoors, and letting my wife walk ahead of me, but still holding hands, I would casually remove my sunglasses and put them into my blazer pocket, showing off my deep and intense emerald green eyes. I can feel the other women’s eyes on me, both envying and hating my wife as well as lusting over my ruggedly handsome good looks. Ok, I am really being vain here, but today I am feeling great about myself. I make no apologies for a high self-esteem day. I also give a warning look to every man in the room meaning for them to stay away from her, as she is mine! I’m the lucky bastard here, not to mention VERY territorial.

Upon arriving at our private table for two, I would pull out the chair for her and once she is seated, then push the chair, with her in it, gently under the table before sitting down across from her. We would look over the wine menu first, even though I know what her absolute favorite is. It is Beringer White Zinfandel. I would tell the awaiting server that we will each have a glass of the White Zinfandel and to leave the bottle. A quick glance over the menu and I already know what we will be having for dinner. While most of today’s women want to choose for themselves, it is still a very gentlemanly custom for the man to order for his lady.

“My lovely wife will have the manicotti and garlic bread. I believe I shall enjoy the chicken parmigiana with calamari,” I casually tell our server before adding a polite, “thank you,” and handing over the menus. Once our server disappears to put in or order and come back with our glasses and bottle of wine, I look over at Alex, reach over the table, take her hand in mine and tell her how much I love her. She blushes an returns the “I love you,” to me. I smile at her. Our wine arrives. We toast to our unusual, highly passionate and intense and forever enduring love.

While we await out entree’s, we talk about future plans and I ask her if she is enjoying our night out. She gives me a “seriously?”, glance, then smiles. “Of course, I am, Doc! You have planned an incredibly wonderful evening,” she says softly. I smile again. Our entrees arrive and of course, my wife is served first. She looks down at her plate and smiles before thanking our server and asking for a glass of ice water. Next my plate arrives and it smells absolutely delicious! I, too, thank the server and request a glass of water. Before the server leaves the table, he makes sure to refill our wine glasses.

Alex and I enjoy a most wonderfully delicious dinner and of course conversation. Then I surprise her with dessert! A generous slice of black tie mousse cheesecake, in which we both enjoy! I get even more romantic and take her dessert fork, gather a small piece of our dessert and feed her, while she does the same with my dessert fork to me. Neither of us can keep smiling at one another.

Before we finish our dessert, the server casually brings over the bill, in which I grab my wallet, remove a credit card and hand it to the server. A few moments later, he comes back with my card, the merchant slip and a pen. I don’t ever tip with my credit card; I make sure to have a generous amount of cash on hand to leave for those who work hard to make sure our dining experience is enjoyable.

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