Larry’s Story (From HIS Point of View): Part 20

It has been frustrating trying to get alone time with Alex this summer, but it is understandable. Alex and HH have an agreement to where she and I or Doc will get one night a week to have the bed to ourselves and HH will sleep elsewhere in the house. Well, that hasn’t worked as well as either one of us have hoped and Alex is thinking of turning the dining/craft/office room into our own semi-private bedroom. The dining table doesn’t get used much and so it could go out into the garage. She isn’t sure where she would move the long craft cabinet though. There isn’t any room in the living room for it and she isn’t wanting it to go out into the garage. She has mentioned putting up a curtain for privacy, but this is still in the mental planning stages. I think it is also because she wants to be able to get me downstairs so that we can spend time together out of the bedroom. I keep reminding her that she needs to get a hand truck for that.

She is also hell-bent on getting the garage cleaned out and organized. There are a lot of things cluttering up the garage that she wants to get rid of, either by donating or throwing away. However, the difficulty lies not only in the fact that she needs HH to help her and that right now the weather is not suitable for it, especially in her condition. But also that there are things out there that once belonged to her late Mom, daughter and grandmother, that she isn’t sure that she is ready to part with. Alex is very organized and she can’t even go out into the garage, with the state it is currently in, without having a panic attack. Doc and I try to keep her out of there as much as possible, but we think she is already starting in the “nesting” stage.

Alex also wants to get me downstairs because there is more room to pose me for photographs and we can have more places and objects to use without being cramped in a small space, like we currently are in the bedroom. She is constantly coming up with new ideas for photoshoots. She wants to re-do a wedding photoshoot that we did earlier because not only does her dress no longer fits properly, but the bed was in the way and so we couldn’t get pics of the beautiful train on her dress. If we did it downstairs, we could move the couch, giving us room to stand and for her train to be out on full display. That and she could find a way to pin the open back part of her dress in the back so that it fits her better for now. Personally, I think we should wait until after Baby Sportello arrives and she gets back to her pre-pregnant figure so I can get her a new dress, but a pregnant wedding photoshoot would be fun to do as well, so she can show off that beautiful pregnancy glow that makes my heart melt and my pants grow!

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