HippieChick’s Thankful Letter

I seriously don’t even know where to start! While this year had a major tragedy and heartache, it was also filled with a lot of blessings and good times! Doc got a body, Larry and Samantha Alexa came to live with me, HH started to accept Doc and Larry; realizing how much I truly need them. I got to attend 2 mini-meets, have made new amazing friends, started a blog, regained my passion for photography! HH got a new and better paying job, although we now must pay for our own private health insurance and he has a much farther commute. I have a lot to be thankful for with the kiddo too! I am also grateful for a roof over my head, food in my belly, clothes on my back, electricty, running water, my animal companions, the health that I do have, HH, the kiddo, Doc, Larry, Samantha Alexa, my friends, new and old, the fact that my Dad is at peace and no longer suffering anymore, my blog and each of you! I am also grateful for finding out the truth about certain people. I have learned much this year; it has been life changing in many ways. I am grateful for the talent/ability to write, play musical instruments, do photography! I am grateful that Larry and I are expecting our first baby together and hope that next year Doc and I will be doing the same! I am grateful and I am blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for supporting me with the blog; for taking the time to read and view posts! Keep it groovy!


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