Introducing: Lawrence

I will tell you the story of when and how we met in a future post, but for now, I just want to primarily focus on Lawrence’s introduction.

Lawrence is another dashing Sportello; he another one of Doc and Larry’s brothers. Although he is a ‘hippie’, Lawrence took a completely separate path that his brothers did, although Doc and Larry are highly successful and well respected in their positions as well as Lawrence is. I guess to put it bluntly, you could look at him as the hippie version of Christian Grey! Yeah, you heard me right, hehe! Lawrence is a very wealthy and successful financier and it just so happens that he is also a very dominant man. I guess you have to have a certain level of natural dominance and aggression to succeed in the world of business and finance. Lawrence and I met recently, and there was an obvious immediate attraction on both sides.

Why hadn’t Lawrence and I met prior, as I am married to two of his brothers? Well, that’s simple. Being a highly successful businessman, he is either constantly working or traveling around the world, brokering high end and high profile financial deals and going over portfolios. Up until he met me, he was also, like Doc and Larry, a dedicated bachelor. Practically married to his work, Lawrence made little time for dating, although he did have an occasional fling every once in a while; usually in the form of a one night stand, but some lasted a little longer.

Lawrence had wanted to work in finance since he was in his teens. He attended New York University after graduating high school and graduated valedictorian with a Master’s Degree in Finance. He also currently has a bachelor’s degree in Business. Lawrence landed a job at Merrill Lynch shortly after he graduated, starting at the bottom in the mail room, but quickly and diligently made his way to the top after he offered prime financial advice, unknowingly, to the CEO, while overhearing a conversation between him and his assistant. That advice made the company a lot of money and impressed the CEO very much.

So much, that he asked Lawrence if he would like to move to the position of a Financial Analysis Manager. Of course Lawrence said yes. Within a few short years, Lawrence made his way all the way up to Chief Compliance Officer, working alongside the CEO and proving his worth through aggressive investments that made the company a substantial amount of money and growth. He had made quite a name for himself by the time he had been with the company at the five year mark.

However, Lawrence had much higher ambitions. He didn’t want to spend his life making money for someone else’s profit. He wanted to branch out on his own and start his own finance corporation. So, before he reached the age of thirty, Sportello Investments and Holdings, LLC was born, with Lawrence at the helm. He had the blessing of the CEO and the two parted ways, amicably.

Since Lawrence already was well known for his work at Merrill Lynch, it was no surprise that his company took off and soared. At first he had to make the difficult decisions to let his clients from Merrill Lynch know that he would not be able to take them on board until he had been separated from Merrill Lynch for five years, due to a clause in his employment contract, which I believe fell under the conflict of interest paragraph. However, those clients gave his name and information to others in their circle who were looking to invest their money and were not currently contracted with his former employer and so Lawrence had a very high profile portfolio before long.

Lawrence currently lives in New York, but he would occasionally visit his now late parents in California. They both sadly passed away within months of one another last year. Sometimes he would stop by and check in on Doc and Larry, if they weren’t all together, but most of the time Doc and Larry would drive up to the San Joaquin Valley to their childhood home to visit with their parents and of course Lawrence.

Post to be continued at a later date

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