Tuesdays With Doc: Age is but a Number (AS LONG AS IT IS LEGAL!)

I assume it is a well-known fact that I am nearly a whole decade older than my wife. My wife and I are not the only ones who have such a great age difference; her mother was a decade younger than her father and her former step-dad is nearly a decade younger than her mother. Each of us entered into our relationships with all parties being of legal age. However, not everyone follows this guideline. I feel that I must state and reiterate that neither myself, my wife, Larry, Lawrence, Samantha Alexa or anyone else in our household support or approve of anyone entering into a relationship with an adult while being a minor, no matter the popular phrase that “Age is but a number.”

My wife has admitted that she has always had an attraction to men older than her. Her reasoning is because she wants to have a partner who is mature and experienced, someone who is past the age and lacks the desire to enter into the bar and club scene. A man who is ready to settle down and be a family man, who is somewhat established in his own life. Someone who is ready and willing to devote his time to her and family, without the distractions of party life or even that of the younger generations who find themselves submerged in video games and other various electronic devices. A man who is willing to take care of her, not just financially, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

I, however, have not always had an attraction to younger women. It was only when I met my wife, that the attraction came to be. I had preferred to pursue (unsuccessfully, remember), women my age. But my wife is also quite mature for her age. She has always been expected to be by her family members and their circle. It was that maturity, along with her youthful beauty, that attracted me to her. Now, do I find myself attracted to other younger women? The answer would be NO! My wife is the ONLY younger woman whom I find myself attracted to. Did I ever envision myself in a “May-December” marriage? No. But I find myself very happily living in one and I can’t imagine anything or anyone else.

There is a downside to this type of relationship, though. Me, being the older partner, am most likely to die before my beloved wife. I cannot bear the thought of ever leaving her to face this world and her last days/weeks/months/years/decades alone. I want her to know, that if I go before her, that I will still and always be with her, even if I am just a memory. I will always watch over her from the other side and hope that she will still be able to feel me there, holding her, comforting her, wiping away the tears that will inevitably fall. I will be there with her as she takes her last breath and I will be waiting for her on the other side. I will always be there even if not in physical form.

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