Larry’s Story (From HIS Point of View): Part 21

Alex decided to start school this Fall and I couldn’t be more proud of her. It has been extremely challenging for her, as it has been twenty years since she graduated from high school and did not continue her education afterward. She had been considering getting certified for Medical Billing and Coding for several years, but was unable to finalize a decision because other things would keep coming up, making it difficult for her to make time for school. Well, she finally decided to take the plunge and I think it will be beneficial for her in the future.

Right now, as she is in her second class of the courses, she has had two of the most intense courses right from the start. She dedicates all of her time to studying because these courses are accelerated and not only are they fast-paced, but there are a lot of assignments, a ridiculous amount of reading and all in a short amount of time. She is expected to complete her courses and her externship by the time the kiddo gets out of school for the summer, which works out pretty cool, I think.

Doc, Lawrence and I are doing all that we can to support her in this new adventure. We let her talk about what she has learned and ‘bounce off’ knowledge all the time. We also make sure that she takes adequate breaks, her supplements and has plenty to eat and drink so that she can stay focused. However, HH and the kiddo constantly interrupt her studies for things that they really could handle themselves, but don’t seem to want to. Alex gets really frustrated and has threatened to quit school and have HH pay off her student loans because when he was in school, she made sure he had absolutely NO interruptions and could solely focus on his studies. He isn’t giving her the same respect and it hurts her.

Also, Alex is a major OCD clean-freak and so the house is usually nice and pristine clean. Well, since she has to devote all her time to studies now, she has delegated household tasks to the others, but they have been less than compliant. Nothing gets done in a timely manner and there are more arguments in the house because Alex is constantly reminding them that she has to take school seriously and that failure is NOT an option. It usually falls on deaf ears. Now for the kiddo, she gets some lee-way, because well, she’s a kid and she is still learning how to take responsibility for herself and her actions, or lack thereof. HH, however, has no excuse other than the fact that he just simply doesn’t want to do it and knows that if things get bad enough, Alex will stop everything and do a major clean of the entire house until it has been restored. It shouldn’t be like that. He should support and help her while she expands her education.

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