Samantha Alexa Saturday: Social Media

Most people have some form of social media account that they access on a fairly regular basis. There are several out there to choose from with more being added as time goes on. However, the top three still are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Snapchat, TikTok, Tumblr and Reddit trailing not too far behind. While social media can be a good thing, it can also be bad. The intentions most people have with social media is to stay in contact with long distance friends and relatives, but more and more people are using social media to become popular and gain attention.

Seeking popularity and attention is nice, but it also opens a door for a lot of negativity, hate and even putting yourself or loved ones in danger. On social media, people can pretend to be someone they are not, just to gain followers. So in reality, unless you actually know the person you are taking to in real life (see family and friends that you have actually met and built a relationship with), you don’t know who you are talking to. This is one of the reasons why parents out there must continuously monitor their minor’s activity on social media platforms as well as why you have to be a certain age to even be on social media. In all honesty, social media should be restricted to legal adults only. But I’m not going to divulge into that topic at this time.

I like social media. I get to share my photos and sometimes my thoughts with my followers. I enjoy when people ‘like’ my content. However, I have had some followers out there that have made me feel like I should be weary. Alex and Larry had a follower who made them incredibly uncomfortable and so they had to sever that relationship quickly. Alex’s kiddo has a social media account and even though Alex monitors it regularly, she has had to block certain people who gave off a danger vibe. For those of you who don’t know, Alex is VERY protective of her kiddo. She has even considered shutting down her kiddo’s social media account due to these fears.

I like when people on social media use it for good, such as promoting awareness without bringing forth hate and properly educating the public about things they are passionate about. I love the photography social media accounts as well as it is a very creative outlet for photographers out there, as well as artists who want a more broad view of their work, not restricted to an art gallery.

I do not like it when people out there use social media to use scare tactics or promote hate towards a person or a group. There is enough hate in the world already and with social media, it has only fanned the flames. These types of posts also show the level of immaturity in a lot of people. It’s hard to respect someone who uses name-calling to get their point across. It can be done in a dignified, yet firm manner without name-calling. Leave that up to the pre-school and elementary school kids. That’s playground behavior, not behavior that should be used by adults who are supposed to be setting examples for the younger generations.

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