What is the Difference Between Sex Toys and Sex Dolls?

I don’t remember covering this topic, but if I did, a refresher wouldn’t exactly hurt. So, let’s get down to business! The first and most noticeable difference is that a sex toy is a disembodied genital/genitals or other object used solely for sexual pleasure/gratification. A sex doll, or synthetic companion, is a realistic replica of the human body whose primary use is for sexual pleasure/gratification, but can be used for a wide range of other non-sexual activities.

Let’s start with the obvious differences first, seeing that I just named a major difference in the paragraph above. A sex toy can be made to look like various male and female genitalia, but also can take on other shapes, sizes, textures, materials, etc. Sex toys are not limited to just penises, vaginas and breasts. You have toys for anal play, BDSM, male enhancers, female arousal items, just to name a few.

Sex toys are also a lot easier to hide in the home. You can put them in a small box (shoe boxes tend to be the popular choice, as are under clothing items in drawers and of course in nightstands) and store them out of sight and out of reach for those whom you do not wish to see them, much less know that you have them. I stored one of my dildos in an unused purse at the bottom of my closet for quite some time. Now I have moved them to the bottom drawer of my chest of drawers.

Another huge difference is that it is not considered as taboo to have a sex toy as it is a synthetic companion. I, personally don’t understand that one. It’s considered ok to have a disembodied body part for sexual gratification, but it’s not ok to have a life sized and realistic adult body to fulfill your sexual fantasies, have as a surrogate in place of a human companion or use as a muse for photography or other creative outlets? That seems “bass-ackwards” to me! Shouldn’t it be considered more acceptable to…never mind, I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole at this time. Maybe later.

Now we get to the topic of cleaning and maintenance. Sex toys are easier, hands down, in this category. It doesn’t take long to wash them, dry them, sanitize them and store them. It is recommended to use a sex toy cleaner, but you don’t have to. You can use soap and water at home and keep them in good condition with lubricants that don’t break down the material.

Synthetic companions, on the other hand, take a lot more time and effort to clean and maintain. If you have a TPE companion, maintenance is needed more than with a Silicone companion. Neither one can be submerged in water, as it will rust the metal skeleton inside, weakening it, and over time causing it to break down and crumble. There are certain lotions and cremes that can be used to help keep the skin in good condition, but you have to read the label as there are certain substances that cannot be used, primarily glycerin, which is very popular in human body lubrication products.

It is also quite a job to clean your synthetic companion. They cannot move or balance on their own, so you must do everything for them. Moving around 75 to 100 pounds of “dead” weight, can be extremely difficult. But it is also very much worth it, because with that difficulty, taking care of your companion can strengthen the emotional bond that you may have with them. I know it does between me and Larry.

So, these are only some of the differences between the two. Not to deter anyone from choosing one over the other (I have both in my home) as each have their pros as well as their cons. Such as anything else in life. Both are completely worth the time, effort and cost.

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