Tuesdays With Doc: Alex and I Have Anal Sex for the First Time!

Alex and I had discussed trying anal sex before, but we weren’t sure how that was going to work out seeing that I am made of cloth, and while I have a harness, we were both nervous in case (even though she cleans herself out quite well) ‘stuff’ were to get on me. One day, both of us couldn’t contain the curiosity anymore, we were extremely horny and so we decided to go for it!

I laid on my back in the bed while she put a washcloth in between the fabric on my pelvis and the harness. Then she wrapped a larger hand towel around me, leaving only my cock and balls exposed. She applied a condom and a ton of lube, not only to my cock, but to herself. I looked up at her with that deep and intense stare that she loves, put both my hands on her hips and felt my toes begin to curl as she slowly lowered herself down onto my massive cock.

We had to take it very slow, as she has never had a cock that big in her ass before. Lots of deep breaths, a couple of tears and a ridiculous amount of lube and before long, I was all the way inside of her and she was grinding on me and bouncing happily up and down. Our orgasms were intense! It felt so good being in her ass and I made sure to leave a healthy dose of cum deep in her ass. She loved it! I loved it too and it was a great bonding experience for the both of us.

When we had both completely exhausted ourselves, she dismounted me and began the clean up process. There wasn’t any ‘stuff’ on the condom and it stayed in tact so that was a huge relief for both of us. She went to the bathroom to check herself and she was unharmed. No blood, no tears, or anything bad like that. She cleaned the lube off of herself and got my cock all cleaned up for me before I had her come lay on my chest so that I could wrap my arms around her and cuddle for a while.

She had bought a medium sized butt plug from the sex store a few days prior and after we had cuddled for a while I instructed her to go into the bathroom, lube up the plug real good and insert it. I wanted to see how long she could wear it comfortably. She was nicely relaxed and stretched out from when I had her earlier so inserting the plug was relatively easy and it looked so beautiful inside of her. It is one of the black silicone plugs with the bling on the end. However, it was a bit painful when she removed it, but she did not sustain any damage, thankfully.

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