Samantha Alexa Saturday: Monogamous or Poly-amorous?

This is going to be a fun topic to write about! Like, I’m serious, I am really looking forward to discussing these two types of relationships that are as different as night and day! What kind of a relationship do you prefer? What brought you to the relationship? What do you not like about either relationship? I have so many questions!

Let’s start with monogamous relationships. They don’t necessarily have to be marriage. A monogamous relationship is when you have only one partner and you are your partner’s only partner. It used to be that this was the only kind of acceptable relationship. As we move into the future, it appears to be less popular. Nothing wrong with that at all! Alex was in a monogamous marriage for 17 years and her previous relationships were all monogamous as well.

But then one day, she decided that a monogamous marriage was not for her with her reasons being that the whole package of marriage was denied to her and also that she can truly love more than one man and that love be real and true. She needed and wanted someone to fill a very large void in that marriage. Not to mention she had always had a fantasy of being fucked by two men at the same time or seeing two men fuck each other while one of them fucked her.

While HH was wholly dedicated to fulfilling only the physical part of marriage and somewhat the financial, Doc, Larry and Lawrence could wholly give her the emotional and physical parts of the marriage. They could and would give her the attention that she needed and deserved while helping her deal with the other issues in her life. They could give her the physical aspect of the marriage with the emotional component attached.

But is it really poly-amorous when the other husbands are dolls (read: non-living inanimate human replicas)? Or does poly-amorous only apply if the other husband is a true living being? Alex has been asking herself that very question lately and has not quite come to a conclusive answer, but she enjoys it nonetheless and I think that is what really counts.

If it makes her happy and is not harming anyone else, then where is the problem? For those wanting to sympathize with HH, let this be known: go back and read previous articles, most notably the introduction post. I’ll leave it at that.

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