Larry and His Trash Panda

Larry has a favorite plush animal that he loves to hold while he sits in his chair and also when he lays in bed. His little buddy is affectionately named Sporty Sportello. We have a larger version who is affectionately named Mama Sporty Sportello that we will feature in a future photo friday! You can cuddle with your favorite plush at ANY age; there’s nothing wrong with that!

Larry and Sporty Sportello!
Larry relaxing without Sporty. He has a sad face.
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2 thoughts on “Larry and His Trash Panda

  1. Sporty! I love it! What a perfect name.

    Don’t worry Larry! I play with dolls too. And Nutmeg is even smaller and more girly than Sporty. Like the splayed legs, dude. Stay chill!

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