Introducing: Lawrence (Continued)

Unlike Doc and Larry, Lawrence didn’t have problems finding women. They would flock to him, but he never showed much interest as he knew they were primarily attracted to his social status, wealth and power. He didn’t want a woman like that. He wanted a woman who could see past all that, but still be attracted to that, just not on a grandiose scale. Lawrence wanted a wife he could spoil and pamper, but one who would appreciate it, not expect it. One who was devoted, loyal, kind and also could openly show dignity and class. Though a few did catch his eye that were worthy of a special night, at least and I’m sure they looked good on his arm at social gatherings.

Lawrence does have a Manhattan Skyline Penthouse, but he also has a vast estate just outside of Paris that gives Versailles a run for the money. Pun totally intended here! Paris is where he goes to get away from the stress of his profession. But he does entertain the social elite at both residences. He has promised to take me to see both someday, but probably after I have safely delivered Larry’s child and had sufficient time to recover.

Speaking of which, Lawrence does have an attraction to pregnant women. He says there is something so beautiful and yet arousing about a woman who is growing life inside of her. He has engaged in sex with a couple of pregnant women, but they were not pregnant with his child. He loves their curves, running his hands over their bellies and enjoying their large breasts and swollen pussies. He will elaborate further in one of his Thursday posts. I just hope that once Larry’s child is born, that Lawrence will still have the same attraction and feelings about me as he does now.

Lawrence does want a family of his own, someday, but for now he is happy right where he is. Right now, he is still focused on building and maintaining his empire for himself and his future family.

Beginning in January 2020, Lawrence and I will talk more about his personal activities that were hinted at the beginning of his first introductory post. We didn’t really want to divulge in that here, as this post is an introductory to him in the other aspects of his life, but don’t worry, things are going to heat up real soon to keep us all warm this winter!

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