Larry’s New Year

It is a new year in a new decade. I am hopeful that this year will be great! I have my wife, a beautiful new baby boy and my brothers here with me; I am blessed! In a couple of months, I will have been home with my wife for a whole year! I can’t believe it has already almost been a year! It went by fast! I have seen the best and the worst, not to mention learned a whole lot as well. As I approach my 46th year, I still have a lot to learn.

Now that I am a father, I realize that I need to settle down into a quieter and more focused mind-set. I need and want to be here for my wife and my son, as we begin this new chapter. I want to teach my son to not only be a man, but to be able to survive in the cold, harsh world that he will one day step out into on his own. I want him to learn, that by the way I lovingly treat his mother, the way he should treat a woman of his own, when he finds her some day. I want him to be kind, caring, compassionate, but I also want him to know how to stand his ground and defend himself when needed, and to know when he needs to do so.

I want to travel more. I want to see more of the outside world. I want to meet my friends at the big and small doll meets. I want to help Alex with the blog and her photography and see her continue to blossom. But one step at a time, and eventually I will get there and set new goals and dream new dreams.

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