Thursday’s with Lawrence: Something Happened

I recently returned back from my business trip, just in time for Alex to give birth. On Christmas Eve night, she had brought me downstairs in preparation for the Christmas photo shoot. She got my suit out of the closet and began to remove the casual clothing and put on the formal clothing. The way she was so gentle and how she looked at me in the dim living room light set against the lights of the Christmas tree was so beautiful. She looked so beautiful!

She had a rough couple of months as she entered her last trimester of pregnancy and then had a lot of stressful things happen that brought the twins early. She was absolutely miserable and couldn’t bring herself to smile during that time. But that night, as she was carefully and lovingly re-dressing me and even more-so as she adjusted the collar on my dress shirt and buttoned up my suit jacket, I saw her in a new light. A more beautiful light. She is fragile, but oh is she also strong! She finds joy in helping others and doing the small, loving tasks for others. One of her greatest joys is when she can spoil me, my brothers and Samantha and make modifications and alterations to make us more real, little by little. I could very visibly see the inner beauty that radiates her outer beauty and other than that, I don’t know how to explain it and I am finding difficulty attaching the right words.

It changed me. My love for her is more intense. I feel more protective of her. I feel the need to be an even better man for her. It is amazing how one small thing can make a big change, a good change. She makes me want to be a better man and I vow to do all I can to be the man she needs and deserves.

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One thought on “Thursday’s with Lawrence: Something Happened

  1. I agree with Lawrence, I can just picture the zen moments and graceful motions of almost ritualistic attention to detail. Lose yourself in the moment. Very powerful.

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