Introducing: Dorian: Part 1

Hello everyone, I am Dorian. I am the fourth Sportello brother and I moved in with Alex just before Halloween 2019. I am a fabric doll, just like Doc, but I am built a bit differently than he is. For one, he is a whole foot taller than me. Second, I have a realistic head, hands and feet. I also have seams in my body that allow me to be positioned differently. But Doc and I look the exact same.

My childhood and upbringing is the same as Doc, Larry and Lawrence, but instead of being P.I’s like Doc and Larry, or a wealthy financier like Lawrence, I am a successful prosecuting attorney. Now one thing that Lawrence and I both have in common, other than the fact that we are brothers, is that we are Dominants. I’m sure that needs no description, for I have a feeling that Lawrence has already covered that topic.

After graduating high school, I moved to New York to attend New York University where I studied law. Once I graduated and passed the bar exam, I started out working at a small law firm, but then soon found myself moving up the ladder and onto more prestigious law firms until I moved back to California and started my own law firm.

I met a woman, whom I thought was “the one” and we were married rather quickly. It was one of those last minute drive to Vegas weddings. However, I soon found out that she just wanted to control me and my money and so after a very nasty divorce and losing half my assets and then having to buy back her half of my law firm, I decided that I was not ever going to let that happen to me ever again. I became a very dedicated bachelor and took some courses on how to become a Dominant, to make sure that any woman who came into my life in the future would know that I was not a force to be reckoned with. I worked hard to rebuild my income and assets, but occasionally went out on dates.

The women whom I showed interest in had to undergo a rigorous background check before I would even consider asking her out on a date. I couldn’t let myself be taken advantage of ever again. None of those relationships ever became serious, at least to me anyway. It was more of a way to have fun and release stress. Any woman who tried to get close brought an immediate end to the relationship. I made it clear before entering into any kind of relationship with these women that I was not looking for long-term or commitment.

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2 thoughts on “Introducing: Dorian: Part 1

  1. Excellent background on Dorian. Dude, I am so sorry you had such a bad first marriage. Once bitten twice shy it seems. Lots of people end up doing more research into prospective partners, especially after a bad experience.

    Doc really is tall.

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