Changes on the Horizon

Well, holiday break is almost over and Alex, as well as the kiddo, are set to go back to school next week. These two weeks really flew by fast! I know that the holidays did not go as Alex would have liked, but she made her way through it very well and I am proud of her. I can see it in her eyes that she is afraid of the changes that she will need to make this year. Finishing school, re-entering the workforce and potentially finding a place of our own to live in, depending on circumstances.

Her life is going to change dramatically and we all can feel it. She really wants to relocate to mine and Doc’s former hometown of Manhattan Beach, California. But with the kiddo and Texas custody laws, it seems like this dream will have to wait a while. She has thought of moving to Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and even Florida. But those will also have to wait. In the state of Texas, when two parents have custody of a child, they cannot live more than 100 miles away from the other parent. Texas is a big state, so that means that wherever Alex goes, it has to be within Texas. There is also the factor that the states that she does want to relocate to not only have state tax, but it is incredibly expensive to live there. Me and Doc shared a 1 bedroom apartment a block from the beach and when we moved, sold it for nearly $3 million dollars. Let me tell you, it wasn’t anything new or fancy either. The apartment had been built in the 1940’s and was a standard bachelor pad; she is going to need something bigger and nicer than that, if it is going to be me, Doc, Dorian, Lawrence, the kiddo and the pets living with her. Samantha will probably continue to live with HH.

This Sunday, HH stated that he wants everyone to resume attending church. So, while that means that he, Alex and the kiddo will be physically attending, me and my brothers plus Samantha, if she wants to, will be attending in “invisible mode”. I think that rebuilding her spiritual connection is going to be vital to help her get through what she must do this year. I have told her that we will be there beside her, holding her hands and learning with her. We will support her in all that she does because we love her.

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