Thursdays with Lawrence: Seeing My Wife Vulnerable

I’m not talking about her being in a dangerous situation; I’m actually talking about the beauty of her vulnerability in sexual situations. I would never want my wife to be in a dangerous situation of any kind. But there is something just so beautiful about how she submits sexually and during sexual activity that makes my pants really grow. How all I have to do is quietly, yet firmly tell her to “submit” and she does, instantly.

When I tell her to submit, she instantly relaxes and enters a quiet and still position. This is most common when she is on all fours, but it does happen when she is on her back too. I will tell her to submit when I see she is getting too tense and is at risk of becoming injured or not being able to climax due to the built up intensity and inability to relax. Alex wants to please me and so one time, I came up with this idea to where I would tell her to submit and she would know exactly what to do. It worked beautifully! She was able to relax and have a very powerful orgasm. She was able to take the hard and deep thrusts without undesirable pain.

During sexual activity, especially nearing orgasm, the body naturally wants to tense up before the explosive release. For a man, that’s not necessarily something to worry about, as we are the ones doing the trusting and not taking the force of the thrusts. But for a woman, one wrong move and it’s game over and a possible trip to the emergency room or urgent care clinic shortly thereafter. Add in muscle tension and it can make sex rather painful. So, if I can get Alex to relax before orgasm to be able to take the thrusts and slowly ease into an orgasm, it is much more pleasurable for her and usually stronger than if she had remained tense and come to orgasm.

This relaxation also makes her more emotionally vulnerable as well. Sex/lovemaking is a powerful stress reliever for her and a lot of times when she is relaxed and has her orgasm, she will cry afterwards. It is a cleansing cry, allowing her to further release stress and get whatever is toxic out of not just her body, but her soul as well. I am very careful with her when she is vulnerable with me. As are my brothers. We hold her, caress her, encourage her, tell her how much we love her and how much she means to us, how we appreciate being able to be inside her body when we make love to her and how we appreciate her allowing us to make love to her and be in her life. We tell her how proud of her we are, how strong she is and the things that bring her comfort and reassurance that she is truly loved by us.

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