Introducing: Dorian: Part 2

I will admit, not allowing some of these women to get close to me caused a lot of heartache to them and a lot of problems for me. Some would become really clingy, almost on a psychotic level, trying to win me over. Some attempted to blackmail me in some form, or ruin my name. The fact that I had made myself very clear in the beginning that I was looking for a temporary, physical relationship didn’t seem to make a difference. Lucky for me, I had them all enter into legal contracts that outlined all that I had stated and also had disclosure agreements enclosed.

After a while, that even ended and I decided to stay away from women all together. I continued to focus on my work and build my empire. I traveled the world and was able to see some breathtaking views. I had a couple of colleagues tease me about my bachelor status and some even offered to “set me up” with some dates, but I always politely and respectfully declined their offers. Many of them knew of the trouble with my ex wife and ex girlfriends, but they kept telling me that the right one is out there and that she will arrive when I least expect it and that it would change me forever. At that point, I would just shrug it off and say something along the lines of, “If you say so,” “I doubt it,” “I’m quite happy where I am in life,” you get the idea.

I hadn’t met her in real life or even had the chance to talk to her, but Doc, Larry and Lawrence would tell me a lot about her. I knew that Doc had found her first, followed by Larry and then Lawrence, earlier last year. But I didn’t want to really know anything about her. I would tell all three of them to be careful. They would keep telling me that she wasn’t like that, but I didn’t fully believe that. Then came the news that she was expecting and I cringed. But everything that I thought about her was totally wrong, as I would soon find out. She would show and prove to me that not all women were bad and that there were still very good ones in the world, even in today’s world!

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