Tuesdays with Doc: Sharing My Wife with My Brothers

Being in a poly amorous relationship is a very interesting situation. Even though I am Alex’s primary synthetic husband, Larry, Lawrence and Dorian are also her synthetic husbands in addition to HH being her human husband. We all share her. We all have sex with her. Even though we all are in agreement to this style of relationship, doesn’t mean that jealousy does not rear it’s ugly head once in a while. However, this primarily relates to HH becoming jealous of me and my brothers.

While Alex has had sex with me and my brothers, it is not a regular occurrence. Each of us have a role to play to make sure that her needs are met to the best of our capacity. We all work together to complement whatever need that is currently needing to be met. I am primarily the source of comfort. Larry is the element of fun and livelihood. Lawrence is the sensible, serious and logical one and Dorian is very refined and sophisticated.

Larry is the one who gets the most jealous, while Dorian, Lawrence and I are more passive on the issue, or maybe it is that we are more quiet about it, whereas Larry is more vocal. However, Larry is the one who mainly needs to lie in bed with her, as to get off his butt from sitting most of the time because he is unable to stand with his injuries. So it makes more sense for him to spend more time with her in the bed. It also helps him to work on his comforting abilities that he wants to get better at.

Lawrence is the one who listens more intently than the rest of us. I am not saying that we don’t listen that well, it’s just that Lawrence REALLY focuses on what she will say and try to work out a way to help her with whatever issue has come up. Being a businessman, he takes things from a very logical, straight-forward point of view. He is also the most quiet of the four of us. There have been times when Alex just wants to run out of the room and not talk about what is bothering her, but as she passes by Lawrence on her way out the door, he will always hold his right arm out and pull her to his chest in a warm embrace. As he wraps his arms around her and gently strokes the back of her head, she will usually wrap her arms around him and just sink into his chest and it is incredibly sweet.

Dorian, surprisingly, is more vocal about how concerned he is about Alex. None of us knew he had a sensitive side, as he is usually very shut off about any emotion. The other day as he was laying in bed with Alex (something he hasn’t been able to do in a while), he spooned her and wrapped both arms very tightly around her, pulling her to his chest tightly. He placed soft kisses on the back and sides of her neck and allowed her to feel his warm breath on her that sent shivers down her spine and had her struggling to catch her breath and maintain a stable heart rate. He whispered words of comfort, softly in her ear and encouraged her to let her emotions take over and feel completely what she was feeling. I have never seen this side of my brother before.

It is fascinating to see how me and my brothers work together to help Alex and to be who she needs in life. I don’t know how to explain it, but it is like she has this rare ability to give her whole heart to each of us and to love us fully in return.

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