Organizing, Babies and Poly-Amorous Relationships

Well, this year is off to an interesting start! Alex seems more determined than ever to get through and complete her education and earn her certifications. She went and got a new composite book with some adorable cats and some legal pads to jot down notes and ideas for the blog, as well as her own personal goals. She has been working on organizing and re-evaluating the time management practices of the household and trying to get things in better working order.

I am adjusting to being a new dad. Doc is too! This is going to sound completely horrible of me, but please know that I do not mean it in a bad or selfish way. When Alex was giving birth, afterward, I wanted to make love to her. The emotions I felt toward what she had just gone through and seeing my beautiful son and niece after they emerged was incredibly powerful. I never knew that I could ever feel love so strongly. I gained a lot more respect for Alex that morning as well.

Holding my son for the first time and seeing Doc hold his daughter for the first time also brought about some powerful emotions. Here two middle aged guys, a year ago single, now first time dad’s, crying over our beautiful babies and being even more in love with our wonderful, beautiful, amazing (I literally could go on and on, but you get the idea) wife; I never thought this could ever be possible!

I never thought that I would ever be ok with sharing a wife either. But it works! All my brothers have a very close relationship and we all love her so much, that everything just fell into place. We all care very deeply for Alex and she treats us very well. She has shown us what love can be. She chose us. We chose her. Sure, the occasional argument comes up and there have been hurt feelings, but we are determined to make this work. It is like we are this little village. It makes me wonder, with things being so wonderful in this poly-amorous relationship, why polygamy is illegal and considered immoral. But I won’t divulge into that, yet…

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