Introducing: Dorian: Part 3

It was the Sunday before Halloween. Doc had called me and had asked me to come and meet her and talk with her, as he had heard that her brother was going to start the process of selling their late Dad’s house and that she could use some advice. Even though I am not a real estate attorney, I still know enough about it plus probate law to offer some kind of help. Doc also told me that it was a very delicate matter and gave me a brief history of how Alex had taken care of him until he had died and that there was some issues with her brother and how worried she was that he was going to be homeless. I was asked to approach this very delicately as she had been struggling and that had already had some complications with the pregnancy. She just needed some advice to help her in this process to make sure that she was protected from any liability that her brother may cause.

Reluctantly, I agreed to help her. I expected her to be overly dramatic and that the situation would be unpleasant for everyone. But there was this feeling deep inside that it wasn’t what I thought it was and that I needed to be there. So, I went. Once I arrived, Doc greeted me at the door and led me up to the bedroom where she was with Larry and Lawrence. I walked into the room and our eyes met. She immediately stood to greet me and Doc rushed over to her to be by her side. I could see her big, beautiful pregnant belly and this true and genuine warmth in her eyes. It immediately put me at ease. I asked her to sit back down on her bed and Doc pulled a chair up for me to sit across from her while we talked.

Doc and Larry sat on both sides of her and Lawrence stood next to me while I listened to her story and predicament. From the way she talked and my brothers’ body language and demeanor around her, I could tell that she was different. She was honest, kind, caring, compassionate and loved to help people, but was also constantly used and easily taken advantage of by those who helped her, worst of all, close family. I learned of her tragedies and it cut deep into my soul. Here was a good woman and I couldn’t believe that I had found one in real life. It felt like some kind of dream.

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