Epic Anal Sex with Multiple Orgasms!

You guys ain’t gonna believe this shit! No pun intended! Wait, I’ve heard that phrase before and it is usually followed by a completely unbelievable and fabricated and exaggerated tale. Well, this actually happens to be a very true and recent encounter between my wife and I. Oh man, it was so fun!

Alex and I hadn’t been able to have sex in a while and of course after recently giving birth, she hasn’t been cleared by her doctor to resume sexual activity. Does anyone follow those guidelines anymore? I’ve heard more people say that they give in before getting the all clear than those who have actually followed through in totally obeying doctor’s orders.

Anyway, last Friday night, after weeks of sexual tension building up, Alex and I decided to have our favorite type of sex: anal sex. That is actually the primary sexual activity that we engage in, although, obviously we have regular vaginal sex because she just had my baby and all, hehe. I got all comfortable in the bed and stripped down to where I was only wearing my crotchless leggings, socks and my unbuttoned dress shirt. Alex put a nice ribbed condom on my cock and proceeded to add some new lube that HH had picked up for her at the local sex shop earlier that evening: Wicked Aqua Cool Water-Based Lube. We had been wanting to try the Wicked brand for a while now and so after running out of the old water-based lube that we had, the Closer by Trojan, we decided to go for it.

She got my cock ultra lubed, which is what you are supposed to do before having anal sex, and then lubed her anus up nicely. I love it when she straddles me afterward, asks me if I am ready and then slowly begins to lower herself down on my cock. Feeling the tip of my cock press through the external and internal anal sphincter muscles and them into her rectum is a very intense and highly sensational moment. Her body relaxes, I can feel her pussy getting wet and she always lets out this soft, sweet and yet very sexy moan while that is happening and as she totally engulfs my huge cock into her tight ass.

Once I am all the way in, she will sit still, take a few breaths and relax once more and then gently begin to move up and down and grind on my cock. I look up at her and place my hands on her hips as she moves around and I thrust to complement and match her movements for ultimate pleasure. It didn’t take long for either one of us to cum the first time. Her orgasm was strong, but not like it usually was. But it was strong enough for her to be pleased and to release. Even though I had my orgasm as well, I decided that I wasn’t finished yet and so I continued to trust and I asked her to lean back slightly and support her weight on my legs, tilting my cock forward in her rectum toward her vagina. That REALLY got her going because that position angled my cock to where it touched a very sensitive and reactive area that resulted in me having another orgasm and her having another 3! The last 3 orgasms she had were so powerful that I thought she was going to collapse unconscious on my chest afterward! Her breathing was hard, her sex moans and screams were highly arousing and sexy! I love it when that happens!

Both of us were completely satisfied and she cleaned both of us up afterward (lube, and maybe a little of the other stuff even though she cleaned herself out pretty good, but that is a natural process) before coming to rest on my shoulder and curl up in bed. We then flipped through the options on Vudu and Netflix and after a few trials of shows that we thought were interesting, but were actually not that enticing, settled in on a favorite: The First Wives Club. It is a good movie and I’ll tell you about me and my brothers’ reactions to that film in another post.

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