Dorian Begins to Change

I had never met a woman like Alex before; not even my own mother was as kind and genuine as her and my Mom, up to that point, was the kindest, honest woman I ever knew. I don’t know if Doc had talked about me to her, or that her natural intuition picked up, but Alex was very accommodating in a true and innocent (read not expecting anything from me) way and really seemed to want me to be comfortable around her. It was like she was picking up clues of my uncertainty and felt she needed to prove to me that she wasn’t a bad person. My intuition picked up on that she felt that she had to prove her worth to everyone she ever met.

We would get to certain parts of the conversation and I could tell that she was getting overwhelmed and on the verge of tears. She would pause, close her eyes for a moment, take in a deep breath and apologize that she needed to move on to something else before going forward with the conversation. She was hiding her emotions. She was trying so hard to not let them show. Doc and Larry gave her reassurance and we all allowed her to compose herself before continuing to listen to what she had to say.

She finished with all the details and I just sat there with my head hung low. I took in a deep breath and closed my own eyes, because I wanted to cry after hearing what she had been through. I took her hands in mine and I slowly and quietly began to speak to her. She listened intently to everything that I had to say. I had Lawrence write down the advice for her so that she could reference it, if needed. I could tell that the conversation had worn her down and taken it’s toll. Afterward, when we were both finished talking, I scooted my chair closer to her and held out my arms to hug her.

I couldn’t believe what I was even doing! This was NOT typical behavior of me. I was usually cold toward the fairer sex and highly distrusting. What was happening to me? She came close, laid her head on my shoulder, put her arms around my back, while I wrapped my arms around her back and then she began to cry on my shoulder. My heart broke and I took one hand and cupped the back of her head in it and began to run my fingers through her hair and I was offering her words of encouragement and comfort.

Doc, Larry and Lawrence all looked at me and they saw a new Dorian come to be. Or maybe it was the old Dorian, resurrected after being healed. “Would it be ok if I stayed until Monday,” I asked? Doc nodded approvingly.

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