Finding Time for Love when Continuing Education

Ever since I went back to school, I have found it hard to find time to love on my guys. The first two classes have been very intense; the second class more-so than the first and definitely a lot more work. So basically once I got the kiddo off to school, I would spend the rest of the day in study until time to pick up the kiddo from school and then go to school myself in the evenings twice a week. The other five days were dedicated to online study. Sometimes I would finish my study early, but would be so tired during the day, that a nap was necessary. I constantly found myself overwhelmed and my brain over-exerted from the particular course.

I also found that the frequency of love making was drastically reduced, not only between myself and my guys, but also between me and HH as well. That definitely didn’t help matters, especially in reducing the stress factor. I was also missing my one night a week (typically on a Friday or Saturday) in which I would have one, or two of the guys in bed with me, while HH slept elsewhere in the house. Not engaging in regular and fantastic sex really altered my moods and not in a good way.

My third class was ok, but it still involved more work than I expected because it was quite a detail-oriented class. We also had more assignments in this class that were also more lengthy. But once this class was over, we got a two week holiday/winter break, which was a huge relief! Especially seeing that the twins were born the day after winter break started, LOL!

I am hoping that as I near the end of my education that my love life will start coming back around to normal, because I do miss that connection with my guys and with HH too. I’ll just keep hoping, being patient and see where things go from here.

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